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Hollywood comes together to support the nonprofit group Let The Animals Live.

Action for the rescue dog

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

By Elizabeth Carbe’


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Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/14/17 – Eti Altman and her team are on a mission to raise the awareness and compassion of their countrymen and women by shining a light on animal cruelty and working to stop it.  For some, these statements are just words, but for Eti Altman, founder of “Let the Animals Live”, a non-profit group that rescues Israel’s abandon dogs and cats, as well as advocates for the just treatment of all animals, they are indeed words taken very seriously. Ms. Altman founded this organization in 1986 and it continues to be her life’s mission to bring attention to their plight and stop animal cruelty all together.


Adopted Dog and new family

The event was hosted at a private residence in Beverly Hills on Sunday October 22nd. They opened their beautiful home to help raise money and awareness for “Let the Animals Live”. This red carpet event was attended by some of Hollywood’s finest actors, designers, writers, professionals and donors. There was a silent auction as well as a public auction where people were very generous with their support.  One lucky man was “adopted” for ten thousand dollars by an adorable three-legged dog that came all the way from Israel.

I spoke to Pamela Quinzi, a luxury fashion designer from Italy. Her new and stunning line of shoes are all vegan. She said after working with leather for many years she started to regret her use of animal skin. She no longer wanted to support that industry so she moved away from leather to all cruelty-free products.  The quality and style of her new line are a modern emblem for cruelty-free wardrobe.

Bedazzled Dogs and their Ladies

I spoke at length with the lovely actress, Sofia Milos, who came to support the cause and lend some star power.  Dr. Nathan Newman, a noted trailblazing doctor working on stem-cell cosmetic rejuvenation and joint therapy, was also there showing his support for the animals.


The exquisite vegan meal catered by Erewhon could have even the most hardcore meat eaters reconsidering their preconceived ideas about vegan dining.

Eti Altman is so dedicated to her mission that she came all the way from Israel and, with the help of her friends, put together this celebrity event to support the mission of “Let the Animals Live”.   There are many pressing political and social issues in Israel.  To be sure, Israel is always under threat of attack from her neighbors and has near constant political and regional unrest.  However, these important national security issues can easily become a sole focus – the suffering of the less fortunate can be lost in the face of these world issues. In these instances, there are always a few souls in every society that keep their focus on those most in need.  Ms Altman is one of those mavericks.

Former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell and a spokesmodel representing Divina H20 alkaline water

“Let the Animals Live” does much more than just rescue stray dogs and cats. They are proactive in spaying and neutering dogs and cats, which helps to keep down the animal population and eliminate kill shelters. They help raise awareness of the horrific conditions many animals are subjected to in pet stores and zoos. They have an advocacy center that is proactive in closing facilities that mistreat their animals. LTAL operates four non-kill shelters, provides much needed veterinary care, and finds loving homes for the animals.

When the Ministry of Agriculture fails to enforce their own ruling against organizations that are mistreating animals, LTAL goes in and makes sure that rules of animal care and treatment are enforced.  They have a team that does emotional therapy at senior centers by bringing in some of their senior dogs.

Hollin Haley

Focusing on just one of these issues could be a full-time job, but for Ms. Altman, all facets of animal protection are all of equal importance, from nutrition to medical care to politics to raising awareness.

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of our animal population.  Humans lead busy lives, and eating animal meat or using leather without considering the processes that bring meat and skins to the marketplace is all too common.  The work of folks like Eti Altman forces people to take a good look at those often cruel and inhumane practices.  She is singularly focused on animal welfare, tirelessly on a mission to reveal and stop animal cruelty in all forms and to end the suffering of all the animals in Israel.