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Holiday Roundup: Nat Geo WILD’s 12 DAYS OF POL!

Veterinarian Jan Pol, right, poses with Mr. Pigglesworth. (PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

A marathon, “Pol”-iday event is coming to Nat Geo WILD, and I thought you might be interested in including in your upcoming holiday listings. 12 DAYS OF POL, kicking off Monday, December 23, features all-day marathons through January 4 of fan-favorite The Incredible Dr. Pol, with special episodes premiering nightly at 9/8c!

When Dr. Pol is your conductor, you never know what’s waiting at your next stop. Punch your ticket and hop aboard the “Pol”-ar express for a magical ride with Nat Geo WILD! As the 12 DAYS OF POL tick down, viewers can expect to encounter 12 Turkeys Trotting, 11 Pols Marching, 10 Reindeer Running, 9 Cows a Milking, 8 Cats a Purring, 7 Dogs a Barking, 6 Bunnies Bouncing, 5 Oinking Pigs, 4 Geese a Laying, 3 Dutch Hens, 2 Farm Calls and a Partridge in a Pol Tree during the special episodes airing nightly. This marathon event is guaranteed to give viewers a paw-sitively adorable start to the New Year, when The Incredible Dr. Pol returns with all new episodes on January 11!

A trailer to share with your readers can be found here.