Dog modeling handmade knitted doggie sweater
One of kind handmade dog sweaters

By THT Staff

Los Angeles, CA (THE HOLLYWOOD TIMES) 11/15/2019 –  “As a professional critic, I have to watch a lot of movies and television,” says THT correspondent Ethlie Ann Vare. “I like having something to do with my hands.”

For years, Ethlie has been knitting winter caps for friends and family. “I was running out of relatives, bugging my friends to hurry up and have babies so I could knit baby bonnets for them.” Then, someone jokingly said she should knit a sweater for his “fur baby” – a deer-eared Chihuahua named Lolita. Ethlie took it as a challenge and created the first in her line of IN DOG WE TRUST pet sweaters.

A Thanksgiving Dog Sweater being modeled by Lolita

“I worked on a pattern that I could knit on circular needles, so it wouldn’t have any seams,” she says. “I figured dogs aren’t that crazy about wearing clothes in the first place, so I should make them as non-irritating as possible.”

Turns out, the dogs who have Ethlie’s sweaters love the way they feel, especially small dogs who get quite chilly even in the mild Southern California winter. “Lolita doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her little doggie body,” says Ethlie. 

This year, these one-of-a-kind creations are available to The Hollywood Times readers for holiday gifts or their own pets. Every sweater is different. They are stretchable and washable. Prices range from $35-$50, depending on the size of the dog.

Contact ethlie@ethlieannvare.com