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Heavenly Lesbian Living!

Sean Wiggins, performer (Photo: THT)

The Magnetic Andrea Meyerson with her Films, Parties, Hikes and Other Events Creates Fun Community for the Ladies of Los Angeles.

By Cynthia Underwood

Enterprising women: Women On A Roll, Andrea Meyerson

Playa del Rey, CA  (The Hollywood Times) 2/11/19 – “You win! Come on up and get your prize” said Andrea Meyerson today many times at her super fun Pre-Valentines Day Party that was held at Cantelini’s Salerno Beach Restaurant in Playa Del Rey, California owned by Lisa Schwab.

Talk about a fun event! Gourmet food, lesbians galore, Italian food and the über talented woman Sean Wiggins who woo’ed us with her singing made Meyerson’s event one to write in the history books. This event was full of massive flirting, tons of friend making and probably several love connections. Thank you so much for creating safe places for us lesbians to go and have fun together, Andrea.

Getting Started filmed on location Cantalini’s

In addition to her popular ladies only parties and other events, Andrea Meyerson also creates lesbian films, like her recent award winning “Getting Started” starring gorgeous Dreya Weber and equally gorgeous Susan Soloman…oh, and me and THT editor, Valerie Milano, were extras in the touching film. We had so much fun during the filming!

Andrea Meyerson makes Los Angeles living as a Lesbian easy.