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Heather Dubrow Comments on Kelly Dodd Instagram Video in Today’s Podcast: “I’ve Been Off the Show for 2 Years Now. In the Words of Frozen, ‘LET IT GO!’”

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LOS ANGELES (December 7, 2018)– It’s the Instagram video that rocked the Bravo universe this week – Real Housewife of Orange County, Kelly Dodd, posted a video about Heather Dubrow talking outside the gym, stopping her from going to her gym class. Former Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow is responding in today’s episode of Heather Dubrow’s World, her trending podcast on PodcastOne. The full episode is available now (link below).
Below is a brief excerpt from the 11-minute response:
“Well, first of all, apparently we have a feud. Can you have a feud if only one of you is feuding?…So funny. But I’m just thinking, like, here’s this grown woman sitting in a car, filming me and my friend Sarah because we’re standing outside Orange Theory talking. I’m not blocking the door. I haven’t barricaded it. She didn’t want to run into me because she didn’t want to say hi? By the way, if you watch the video, you know what, I’m going to post the video. It’s hilarious. She calls me a b-i-t-c-h in the video, by the way. If you watch the video, my back is actually to her car, and I’m not blocking the door. She very easily could have walked behind me without me seeing her, and walked into the studio. So, I don’t know. Maybe I should be flattered that she’s obsessed with me.
…Kelly, I saw it! Thank you for the laugh. It was hilarious.”
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