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Haunted Halloween Homes For Sale!

Cornfields are ready for harvest, cheerful orange pumpkins are peeking out from their withering vines and broomsticks are fast gaining in seasonal popularity as a fuel-free mode of transportation.  Squirrels are digging under prized flowers while searching for safe nut storage and tinges of orange are beginning to envelope the maple trees.  Fall 2021 is beginning to show itself and will soon fill the landscape with vibrant color.  Farm kids look forward to slow hay rides in the wagon pulled behind the tractor where ghost stories will be the highlight of the evening, and city kids will dress as their favorite ghoul and go knocking on doors hoping for better trick-or-treat candy than last year.  Adults will again wonder if the banging on the deck at night is a curious raccoon or if it is really a spooky creature yet unidentified by science.  As the great Hallowed Eve gets closer, one’s lifetime of accumulated ghost stories begin to surface and take on a life of their own.  But it could be a lot scarier if living in one of these fascinating houses!