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Harley and The Davidsons – Discovery Channel MiniSeries event at Petersen Automotive Museum

Harley and The Davidsons promo shot with THT Judy ShieldsNew 3 part Mini-Series, Discovery Channel

September 5 – 7, 2016


By: Judy Shields

Beverly Hills, California (The Hollywood Times) 8/2/16 –  “Harley Davidson company opened up its archives, and family members spoke to researchers about family member and gave them historical background that was used to form characters and key events for the miniseries, debuting next month.  But producers had complete editorial independence, and the company had no financial arrangement with the project,” Raw Television’s EP Dimitri Doganis told TV critics TCA yesterday.

Michiel Huisman
Michiel Huisman

Last night in Beverly Hills at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Cast of Discovery’s upcoming new 3 day min-series “Harley and The Davidsons” took over the second floor for an all-star red carpet and party.

The series is led by an all-star cast including Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”) as Walter Davidson, Robert Aramayo (“Game of Thrones”) as William (Bill) Harley and Bug Hall (“The Little Rascals”) playing the role of  Arthur Davidson. Other cast members include Stephen Rider (“Daredevil”) as William Johnson, Jessica Camacho (“Sleepy Hollow”) as Reya, Daniel Coonan (“EastEnders”), Annie Read (“Awkward”) as Caroline Jacthuber, Wilson Bethel  (“Hart of Dixie”) as Ray Weishar, Dougray Scott (in “Mission: Impossible 2”), Gabe Luna (“Matador”) as Eddie Hasha “Texas Cyclone”, Alex Shaffer (“Win Win”) as Shrimp Burns and newcomers Essa O’Shea as Clara Davidson and Sean Scully as Walt, Jr.

Rich Ross Group President of Discovery & Stephen Rider Role of William JohnsonThe Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak with a few cast members:

Stephen Rider role of William Johnson:


THT: What was the most difficult moment in the series for you?

Stephen Rider: When I fell off the bike.  The older ones were a bit difficult at first.  We filmed in Romania, that fact that we could be so far away from home and entering into a world that is American. I felt like Romanians were so gracious and the people I met where so friendly.  I really believe that the magic on set was because we weren’t here in America and to force a camaraderie with each other versus if we shot it here where everyone goes back to their normal lives and shows up to the set the next day and you wouldn’t really have the chance to get to know each other.  When we were there, we really had the chance to connect with each other because we need each other.

Harley and The Davidsons Motorcycle
Harley and The Davidsons Motorcycle

THT: What is next for you?

Stephen Rider: well I am a season regular on Netflix’s Daredevil and I will go back to that.  I am on social media as Stephen Rider, you can find me everywhere!


THT: How was it portraying the character that you did in Harley and the Davidsons?

Stephen Rider: I love William B. Johnson and I felt he was more courageous than I was and the things he had to deal with as a black man at that time.  It was so much different than the things I have had to deal with, not to say we don’t struggle, but in the 30s we could not vote, so I just felt he went through so much more.  How briefly it was to walk in his shoes I think it is incredible and I learned so much from him.

Stephen Rider with THT Judy ShieldsTHT” How did you research for your role:

Stephen Rider:  Online and also there is not a great deal of information on him, so unfortunately I had to create a lot of, but I also had the times, the 1930s where he came from and them from the few facts I had about him, I started to create the character.  My teacher Tony Breckel helped me out too.

THT: How was your costuming for that era?

Stephen Rider:  It was beautiful!  The wardrobe was just fantastic, who will love the show, I can’t wait for it to be shown next month.

getPart (2)Jessica Camacho role of Reya

How did you get the role of Reya”

Jessica Camacho:  The script got dropped into my lap because I have amazing representation. I read the script and absolutely fell in love with the character, she find herself in the 1930s, times are hard and everyone is trying to survive. Reya is part of an outlaw motorcycle crew, they built their own bikes and sell them for racing.  She to mean represents the pioneer spirit of the women who rode bikes back in the day and it wasn’t acceptable or cute.  It was something like a subculture of women how were driven to pursue freedom and got onto their bikes and risked sexism and for me a big inspiration in doing my research was that I discovered so many women who were absolute leaders and broke the mold and would get on their bikes and ride across the country by themselves and Bessie Stringfield was an America American woman who would get on her bike a ride across country facing racism but there was something out there pulling her, it was her freedom to be out there. It was such an honor to represent that, it was an absolute joy and as an actress you can’t ask for more.

getPart (3)How was it working with the cast ?

Jessica Camacho: working with the most giving and talented cast with Discovery’s vision is to discovery that of history. It was great to work with them every day and it was cool that Discovery did this story, it’s our history and it takes us back to this time.

How was the costuming?

Jason Matthew Smith Star Trek - Sons of Anarchy interviewed by THT Judy Shields
Jason Matthew Smith Star Trek – Sons of Anarchy interviewed by THT Judy Shields

Jessica Camacho: It was like awesome, the boots were so tough to put on I had to get help.  The costumes were custom made and so legit!  They were hard to put on and once you did, it truly transported you to that time.  The costumes represented hands on not that of today of instant gratification.  Today’s wardrobe are flimsy and it was not like that back them.  Authentic and step back into time with the costumes and especially the set.

Did you get to ride those older model Harley Davidson:

Jessica Camacho: Oh yeah I did and I had to learn to ride and those older bikes are not easy to ride either.  They were very intimidating, it was such a challenge and probably why I was extra drawn to them.  I want to be scared and show up and do something that I didn’t know at all.  We all wore helmets. I knew that when I got on the bike and my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty, that these women did this when it wasn’t acceptable and not cool, they had to prove themselves worthy and step into a man’s world and they had to prove themselves worthy of being there.  I had to tell myself that and that they did it too.  So respect them and I just got on the bike and that made me connect with them in spirit.  I hope it made a stronger person.

Diesel Brothers
Diesel Brothers

Essa O’Shea role of Clara Davidson.  She is journalist that writes anti-motorcyclist columns and comes into the story that way and she has a little romance with Arthur Davidson.

THT: How did you get this role?

Essa O’Shea: I went on tape for it and about a week later casting brought me in for some auditions and in another week I was called and got the role.

THT: How did you get your start in acting?

Essa O’Shea:  I went to Tish and started acting and decided to move to LA, and that was kind of my start in learning how to act.

THT: What are you working on next?

Essa O’Shea:  I’m working on a couple of independent films with some friends and one from a director that I worked with a couple of years ago and she is getting her first feature film this year and I am so excited to being working on that.

The Hollywood Times also interviewed a few of the celebrity guest on the red carpet:

Jason Matthew Smith: Star Trek Into Darkness & Beyond/Sons of Anarchy  I’ve done the last Star Trek Beyond as Hendorff (Lieutenant Cupcake) and the other two ones as well.

THT: What are you currently working on now?

Jason Matthew Smith:  I am currently working a couple of independent films, one with my wife that is a comedy and will be shooting it here in LA and the other one is going to be filmed in Morocco, an action adventure comedy.  We will be doing several independent film festivals throughout the  upcoming year, the first one is coming out next summer.

THT: So what brought you out tonight for Harley and The Davidsons Discovery party?

Jason Matthew Smith: I had a 1996 Heritage Softail, hunter green with pearl white and then my wife, once we got married, made me sell it.  She said if we are going to have kids, you are not going to have a bike.  She never rode the bike and then after a couple of years after the kids were born, I was able to buy another one.  I have a Victory Hammer model, an American made bike, that they are very sweet and look like the bat mobile and very smooth ride.

I did a pilot for HBO called one percent, we were coming out about the same time as Sons did and they kind of beat us to the airwaves.  HBO did not pick us up, but I did get trained on how to ride those custom Harleys and that was awesome and I got the skill set on how to ride.  I then jumped ship and did four episodes of Sons.  I was a white supremacist in the show.

Diesel Brothers show

Dave (Diesel Dave), Keaton Hoskins (The Muscle), Josh (Red Beard) and Dave (Heavy D).  The Diesel Brothers gang said that they are not biologically related, but as close to being brothers without being related.  Brothers from another Mother.

They build trucks, out of control crazy trucks.  They have emphases on military type trucks and they don’t do show vehicles, but have done a few of them in the past.  Once they built big monstrous trucks, they like to take them out and test them, they built them for clients and themselves and they do a sweepstakes every month to give away a truck.  They are a company born on social media and the show follows them to show what they have been doing for the last three years, which is to build via social media.

They build any type of truck imaginable, from Chevy, Dodge, Ford and last season they did a 1948 Willy’s Jeep and a 2009 F-350 which became a 6 x 6. Turned a truck into a snow cat, diesel driven vehicles and Dave said “that is why I changed my name to “Diesel”  nice laugh from the other three guys.

I said “so you guys smell diesel all day long?” and they said “we sure do, what do you think, how do we smell, some people think it’s an aphrodisiac, that is what we are thinking!”  Funny bunch of guys no doubt.

I asked them what would they do to a 1934 Model B pickup truck.

We would probably put diesel in it, and stick a 6 cylinder cummings in there. I don’t know, that is a tough one, you don’t want to lift that.  One of the guys said he would drop it and Keaton said “no I would lift it, because I am the off-road kind of guy, call me crazy.”  Then they would beat the hell out of them because they like to go take the trucks off-road. They really don’t restore them, their clientele is anyone with a truck that wants to go crazy with it.

I told them about my 1934 Model B pickup truck and they thought that was cool and Keaton said I need to take a bunch of ideas that I have seen and put them on a board and pick which style I want. he said that is what he does, takes a bunch of ideas of trucks, put it on a board and look at it.  I’m always looking at truck and thinking about what can I do to that truck.

In the world of diesel vehicles, no one has more fun or builds bigger, badder trucks than Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at DieselSellerz. Their mega builds and awesome truck giveaways are the stuff of diesel legend. DIESEL BROTHERS follows the team at DieselSellerz as they trick out trucks, work hard and play harder in the process. The new series joins Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays on Discovery Channel on January 4th at 10PM ET/PT.

Starting off their business by buying used, or broken down trucks and tricking them out for sales… Heavy D and Diesel Dave use the internet/social media as marketing tool to share their best pranks and stunt driving. Millions of hits later, DieselSellerz has become the destination for diesel lovers looking for tricked out trucks, crazy stunts, pranks and hilarious antics.

Follow the team at DieselSellerz as they dream and execute unbelievable builds, pull elaborate and hilarious pranks and push the limits with new stunts.

Discovery is gearing up for motorcycle mania with the debut of its newest series SACRED STEEL (Working Title), premiering Monday, September 12 at 10PM ET/PT as part of the network’s iconic Motor Mondays line-up. The series, produced by Half Yard Productions, will take viewers inside one of the most exclusive and unusual bike clubs in the world that produces one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

The Hollywood Times caught up with the trio, James Wilson sporting a great beard with a French cap, Chris “Rockhard” Volk: sporting a great beard as well and Mike “Floppy” Jones, the jokester of the group, clean cut, Clark Kent type with tattoos

They take motorcycles and make them cool, just to look cool they said.

The show was developed from another show that was done at the History channel and the footage was seen and now the Discovery Channel picked them up.

The show premieres in late September and they were told to just show up at this Harley and The Davidsons launch party tonight, but they sure were having a blast on the red carpet.

The conversation went way south with these guys, but the interview was well worth the time

Harley and The Davidsons

A Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle. It is a symbol of Americana, built from the ground up by founders Walter and Arthur Davidson and their friend Bill Harley. But the road to success was not exactly smooth – filled with innumerable obstacles, ruthless competitors and extraordinary risks. Together these three young men, the sons of blue-collar immigrants, gave everything they had to ensure the survival of the company they founded. But just how far would they go to reach the ultimate American dream?

Discovery’s highly-anticipated miniseries HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS will premiere Monday, September 5 at 9 PM ET/PT. Consisting of three two-hour installments, parts two and three will air on Tuesday, September 6, and Wednesday, September 7 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Based on a true story, HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS charts the birth of this iconic bike during a time of great social and technological change beginning at the turn of the 20th century. Walter, Arthur and Bill risked their entire fortune and livelihood to launch the budding enterprise. Each of these men faced very different challenges, but it was the motorcycle that united their dreams and ambitions. For Walter Davidson, the venture was a chance to escape from the confines of society – to ignore the rules and build a bike that could go anywhere and ride hard. For Arthur Davidson, it was an opportunity to finally make good on his name. And for Bill Harley, the bike gave him hope to break free from his overbearing parents and apply his talent as an engineer.

Built in a shed out of Milwaukee, these motorcycles were able to survive nearly every condition imaginable. And Walter certainly put the bikes to the test. His ferocious ambition propelled him to become a top motorcycle racer while competing in the deadly competitions sweeping the nation. Walter’s daredevil exploits put Harley-Davidson on the map – and while risky – pushed the company to eventually overtake their archrival competitor, Indian, which had a stronghold on the market.

But the founders also faced an underlying moral question – just how much would they risk to become successful? Racing could often have deadly consequences, especially with the rise of the hazardous motordrome competitions sweeping the country.

Fueled by ingenuity, innovation and design, the founders of Harley-Davidson faced off against their much bigger rivals. If things couldn’t get any more difficult, the Great Depression hit and the motorcycle industry was decimated. But Harley-Davidson continued to defy the odds with their forward-thinking business ideas.

HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS looks at how the founders continued to grow its loyal following like no other competitor– whether it was securing the American Army contract and teaching riders how to make repairs on the field to embracing boisterous motorcycle clubs across the nation. They would eventually channel all their resources with their biggest risk yet – creating the world’s first superbike, a state-of-the-art racing machine for the masses.

Walter, Arthur and Bill cemented Harley-Davidson’s reputation as a builder of bikes that goes anywhere, could ride hard and ignored all the rules.  It’s a legacy that has endured over 100 years – and at the heart of the brand and its loyal riders.

HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS is penned by Evan Wright, Seth Fisher and Nick Schenk. Dimitri Doganis is the Executive Producer on behalf of Raw Television and John Goldwyn is the Executive Producer on behalf of Discovery. Ciáran Donnelly serves as Executive Producer and Director with Stephen Kay as Director.

What a great show this is going to be! A story of two American guys making American history about motorcycles that still can be proudly owned and they still sound awesome.  I myself have been a passenger aboard a softail Harley and loved every minute of the air blowing against my face and being able to see the scenery around the road from a different view.





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