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HAPPENING: A Clean Energy Revolution

L-R: Marybeth Cale, Cale Communications, James Redford, Filmmaker, Katie Ullman, Dandelion Energy

By Marybeth Cale, Living Rhinebeck Magazine and Cale Communications

Photos: M. Salamone, Carrick Photography

Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY (The Hollywood Times) 10/17/17 – At last weekend’s Woodstock Film Festival, I had the opportunity to experience James Redford’s documentary, HAPPENING: A CLEAN ENERGY REVOLUTION thanks to Dandelion and Hudson Solar (two Hudson Valley companies focused respectively on geothermal and solar energy solutions who sponsored the event for the public). Informative, enlightening, and inspiring, HAPPENING made a compelling, easy-to-understand case for shifting to clean energy – and why we all need to consider making that shift starting today. As we witnessed Redford’s journey to better understand available options, his gentle, fun, humble screen presence made viewers feel comfortable and engaged – and he essentially invited each viewer to share in his enthusiasm and joy as he transformed his family’s home to become a more socially-responsible property. Redford did an exceptional job helping the non-scientific among us understand how the innovations operate and why alternative energy is not only the obvious choice for the planet, but also how it could support a vibrant economy for years to come (showcasing, among other leaders, an interview with a Conservative Republican who shed light on the enormous financial benefits of shifting to alternative energy, interviewees who spoke to job creation, and major corporations who have nearly eliminated the need for fossil fuels). The cinematography is well done, the cast of characters representative of people at various ages and stages of life (making it relatable to the masses), the material well thought-out, and messages clearly conveyed. A real call to action!