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Halo Collar – The only smart collar with intuitive training, GPS location, and smart fences in one, designed with Cesar Millan’s world-renowned dog psychology

By Judy Shields

Rancho Cucamonga, California (The Hollywood Times) 04/10/2021 – Endless Possibilities, One Smart Collar.

Other dog fences are limited, but the possibilities with Halo are endless. Your dog could have over four different “smart” collars—and in-ground wires—and still wouldn’t have a ring of protection as effective as HALO.

The Hollywood Times has the great pleasure of being able to review and work with the new Halo Collar.

I am starting a journal of the experience and a few videos as I go along.

Day 1 was opening the box containing the Halo Collar and the accessories. Here is the box, which contains the Halo Collar, Collar strap, Halo Beacon, wall charger, USB-C cable, contact tips and contact blanks.

Here is a video I took when I received Bandit’s Halo Collar:

First step was to download the Halo Collar App. Second step was to Set up the App.  Set up a user profile, pet profile and link the Halo Collar to our account using a QR code. So easy!


The next step was User Training and learning the expert methods needed to become a Pack Leader.  This part was worth the cost of the collar honestly!  I learned so much about being a Pack Leader.  Energy awareness exercises, learning about energy and body language., Trust, Respect and Love.  It truly is about our energy and being confident and most importantly in a good mood with positive energy.  Who knew that we, as dog owners, need training and not so much the dog, Cesar DID!

There are five techniques for Calm Confidence: 1) Stretch; 2) Shake it off; 3) Visualize; 4) Meditate & 5) Walk.

It truly takes a great Pack Leader to have a wonderful and happy relationship with your dog. I can go on and on, but you need this Halo Collar to learn how to train “us” the dog owner first and foremost.

Another great feature using the Halo app is the training,  which just happens to include words of wisdom from Cesar Millan himself.  Plus videos showing you how to properly do the training with the Beacon and Halo Collar.

The Hollywood Times had an interview with Cesar Millan back in December to talk about the Halo Collar. Here is that interview:

Interview with Cesar Millan Who Launches a 4-in-1 Smart Dog System HALO Collar

Day 2 was introducing the Halo Collar to your dog. You start off with dog Pet Training to learn to properly fit the collar strap, and to build a positive association with the Halo Collar.

Here is a video I took of my Miniature Schnauzer, Bandit, with his Halo Collar.  I love his expression and eyes.  He even walked away on cue!  Enjoy:

Day 3 was the start of Indoor Training to customize your dog’s feedback, and teach them to keep away from indoor boundaries (Halo Beacons), then come back to safety.

Bandit did really well learning to leave some chicken I put into a container in the kitchen using the Halo Collar and Beacon.  Training to learn to keep away from a boundary and to come back safely. There are Warning Feedbacks and Boundary Feedback.  I look forward to further indoor training with Bandit in the upcoming weeks.

Here is Bandit on his favorite bean bag chair with his Halo Collar next to him.

Bandit sleeping next to his Halo Collar

I am only in 3-4 days and highly recommend purchasing the Halo Collar for you and your dog. I have learned so much about myself and my attitude towards my dog and his behavior towards me as well.  I can’t wait to continue more indoor training and especially when we are able to start on the smart fence during outdoor training.

This Halo Collar would make a great present for any occasion to share with any dog owner, especially for You and Your Dog.  Financing is available too!

Click here to find out about financing a Halo Collar.  The best investment for you and your dog.

Enjoy the video from HALO website:

About Halo

Some of the best ideas are born out of the greatest need.

Every animal-lover knows how difficult it can be to say goodbye. In 2017 our founder, Ken Ehrman, saw this first-hand when his two young nieces lost their dog, Ruby, after she ventured out of the yard and was hit by a passing car.

Ken saw that there were numerous problems with existing dog safety products. He was astounded by the number of dogs who are hurt or killed because they escape their fences, or their in-ground wire is cut, or they weren’t properly trained, or purely because the cost for owners to install any fence was too high.

Ken has pioneered safety and tracking developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry with his brother, Michael, for over 25 years. Together, they developed technological advancements in the safety and tracking industry that are trusted by some of the world’s most demanding companies—and have saved countless lives in the transportation industry.

So, Ken decided to apply his expertise and use the latest and greatest developments in IoT to create a solution that would give his nieces—and pet parents everywhere—the ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Ken sought out the best technology and dog experts to make this concept a reality. He brought in Cesar Millan, the greatest dog psychology guru in the world, and built a team that fused Ken’s own experience, with his brother Michael’s advanced technical expertise, and Cesar Millan’s world-renowned dog psychology methods. They partnered with trusted global leaders in app and hardware development to make sure this new system would offer the most complete protection possible.

Together, they founded Halo with their shared vision to create this unique combination of smart technology, and Cesar’s “natural, simple, profound” approach to dog psychology. This made Halo into what it is now: the world’s newest and most effective smart fence, smart training and smart collar system for dogs.

We hope your best friends love it as much as ours do.

—The Halo Team

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