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Ha Phuong brings joy to hundreds of children at Dieu Giac Pagoda Orphanage in Vietnam

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/05/20- Ha Phuong is a superstar in parts of Asia. “HP” as she is known amongst friends is an accomplished actress, singer and now a movie producer. During a visit to her family on the occasion of Tet holiday in Vietnam, Ha Phuong organized an activity to lead hundreds of orphaned children at Dieu Giac Pagoda to eat and play like many other children, which many people admired.Ha Phuong not only actively contributes and helps the disadvantaged people abroad where she lives, but on every trip to Vietnam, the singer “Missing a Distant Lover” also organizes activities to bring joy to disadvantaged children and needy things.

What began your journey to help others?

When I was five-years-old, I was critically ill to the point that drove my family to bankruptcy. My parents had to sell our blankets to pay for my treatment. When I grew up and we gathered for family dinner, my father would tell the story about when I was sick and how they could not pay for the hospital bills and had to borrow money, sell everything in the house, and leave behind only one black and white television. When the due date of the debt came they still could not pay and the television was collected by the creditor. When I heard that, I ran and hid in a dark corner to cry. I prayed that I would be blessed with good fortune in the future. I pledged to help people who were less fortunate than me.” At the very least, I hope the money that I donate “will let underprivileged children know that they are not abandoned. They will receive love from other people, not only me. Therefore, they should always try and not give up.”

Tell us about how your most recent visit to help the orphaned children of Dieu Giac Pagoda.

I stayed in Vietnam for about two weeks to celebrate the New Year, visiting my parents and doing charity work. since, becoming a mother, I deeply realized how much my children need their parents’ love, so on this Tet occasion, I also want to give some affection and warmth to orphaned children. by taking your kids to eat, watching movies and getting lucky money. During the meeting, I was also able to meet Duyen – She has down syndrome. I met her when she was young. She is now 12 years old. I feel very touched when she is loved by my friend, holding my hand and wanting to sit next to her.

Ha Phuong – Be Duyen

During the meeting, Hà Phương was also able to meet Duyen – who is 12 years old today. Hà Phương feels very touched when she is loved by her friend, holding her hand and wanting to sit next to her.

You are an International Singer. How are you a voice for the voiceless? 

I’m very aware of how hard it is to break into the business. And there were a lot of talented young people out there who just weren’t getting a chance.”

My charity work goes back nearly a decade. In 2008, I founded the Ha Phuong Foundation in Huntington, California with a $1 M donation that helped to build a multi-media arts center in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove. I also sponsor the Ha Phuong Young Female Filmmakers Initiative.

Also, I assist in the Vietnam Relief Effort, a non-profit organization created by my husband, Chinh Chu, and his sister. The Vietnam Relief Effort aids in school buildings; funding surgeries for war veterans and disabled people; and bringing Vietnamese doctors to the U.S. for training. I have done so so much work that in 2016, I was named a “top donor to UNICEF.”

For more information visit my website www.haphuongworld.com and social media links below.

What do you want the world to about the orphaned children of Dieu Giac Pagoda? 

According to me, charity does not only mean material support but also care and concern for spiritual values.

Do you have any additional thoughts?

The motto does charity “teach a man to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” The goal of the charity is to help people have better lives, present, and future.

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