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Güvenç Özel: Holoflux !

By Valerie Milano

Indio, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/20/23 – Cyberphysical Architect, UCLA faculty member, and Critical Technology aficionado Güvenç Özel is the award-winning mastermind behind the multifaceted Holoflux installation showcased at the acclaimed Coachella Festival in Indio, California. Machine Learning and Programming Artificial Intelligence enable technology and art to collide as the dynamic piece reflects opalescent sun rays during the day while projecting magnificent, vibrant digital images on its surface at dusk. 

Özel holds the belief that thoughtful uses of technology in design can radically enhance our environment and the quality of our life. Coachella enthusiasts can exquisitely attest to this declaration after experiencing the inspiring installation. Güvenç explains, “The project is really 3 projects in one if you dissect all the pieces separately. We have the physical sculpture which is fabricated by Coachella’s art program; they have an in-house shop that basically allows you to realize your vision in a physical sense. Also, given that the sculpture is about 55-60 ft tall, I was told that [Holoflux] was the most complex piece that they’ve ever built.” Özel continues, “Structurally, the piece is also quite complex- it is not just a singular tower, and it folds back in on itself. The interior structure is made out of steel and veneered with plywood, and then on the very exterior, we have this shimmering, iridescent fabric that allows it to interact with light during the day. It also receives and amplifies the projection in the evening. This is a great venue and a great opportunity to be able to showcase the most cutting-edge technology.” 

Taking roughly 2 years to complete, the Holoflux is the first of its kind by dreamer, innovator, and scientist Güvenç Özel. Where beauty and technology intersect, experience cutting-edge technology and soul-stirring art at http://www.ozeloffice.com/.