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Guinness World-Record Breaker and Adventurer on the Passion Behind his Next Race Against the Clock

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/8/2021 –  Extreme athlete, and business visionary Ben Jacoby wants to push boundaries for his own special cause. He is currently the world-record holder as the fastest man running 100 meters on spring-loaded stilts. He broke the record at Burning Man in the summer of 2018, and then again a few months later in Boulder, Colorado with a time of 13.4 seconds. Now, Jacoby is using his physical strength and persistence to race on stilts in the London Marathon, but this time it’s to bring attention to a good cause.

You have traveled around the world through a kaleidoscope of cultures. What are your fondest memories? 

My fondest memories always somehow include being alone at first, then meeting people and finding myself on an adventure with them. Living and practicing the locals’ culture with them is irreplaceable.

Share a monumental moment in your life. 

It was in Brisbane (Australia) 2015 when I suddenly came to the realization that I have my whole life to keep traveling, having fun, and collecting extraordinary experiences. This is something we all know and say all of the time, but don’t really believe in it.

“Everywhere I run on stilts,” people stop and gather in disbelief. What is it about stilts that drives you? 

The stilts give me a pump of adrenaline on top of the endorphins that one experiences from running. Imagine that the whole world suddenly becomes one big trampoline 🙂 

You hold the world-record for the Fastest Man to Run 100 Meters on Spring Loaded Stilts. What does it take to be the best?

For this record, it took a lot of intensive training and mental strength. Not only did I need to build up the physique of a world-class athlete, but it was also knowing how to perform under pressure, in sprinting, every 10th of a second counts.  

Pushing boundaries, exploring, and solving problems. How does this describe your core?

You know there are just those people that people say about them:” He can do anything he wants, all he needs to do is put his head to it”. I would like to think of myself as that person.

What lessons have you learned? 

No is not an answer, it is just a temporary/initial response. Treat people the way you would like to be treated–and you will. Your reputation will go a long way, so make sure to invest in it. 

You are a successful entrepreneur. Tell us about Kardo Creative. What do you enjoy most?

Kardo Creative was founded as a result of needing to manage our growth in a better way. As a business management company, you really get to touch every aspect of business and entrepreneurship. I enjoy seeing the growth we have accomplished, and the way we approach any new project. I feel like I have built a team that can take on any challenge. 

Does risk-taking give us the best stories? 

What is nice about risk-taking is that you get a story no matter what, even if the “event” you planned on does not take place, you still can tell about the risk it entailed.

You are training to “run” in the 2021 London Marathon on stilts. What does this mean to you? 

This challenge will be way different from any other one I had taken on in the past. I am eager to start training and see what barriers I face during the process. I hope this adventure will be even more epic than anything I have experienced in the past.