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“Gritty in Pink” Brings Down the House With Bitch

By Sara Collas

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/9/23 –

What to wear for a tech lgbtq event. Would I wear a Black turtleneck like Steve Jobs? A fashion disaster in the summer! Or would I dress like Ellen in haute cautiere butch fashion? What would I talk about since I’m not tech savvy? I was there to watch Bitch, the headliner for an event called, Gritty in Pink. A unique singer I first saw performing at the Michfest singing Pussy Manifesto with their partner at the time, Animal Prufrock. Bitch is as famous for their lovers and collaborations as their music. Former lovers include Daniela Sea, one of the many dreamy actors on the L Word. Billie Jo Alligator, another former partner who collaborated with Bitch often wearing a green alligator suit on stage. Towering above most people Bitch is now performing solo with a violin, poetry, an eclectic sound, lines that can unravel or inspire the listener, and a loyal lesbian following. This lesbian has been a big fan after hearing Bitch over a decade ago. Their recently released album called “Bitchcraft has many references to a world in which witches rule the planet. Released nine years after, “In God We Trust” “Bitchcraft”should give Bitch the stardom they deserve. A broom, a huge pencil, a beaver hanging from the right pocket, and a big notebook in which Bitch took notes throughout the performance probably writing her next big hit all served as props to create a bewitching spectacle on stage at the Echo Nightclub. Bitch preached that the modern day witch hunts are upon us as reproductive rights are under assault. There were other performers such as Tatiana, and a Tina Turner Wannabe Group. But they just weren’t as spectacular as Bitch who changed their name to Beach at one point in their career. The name Bitch is way more fitting for this poet who can make rhymes that stay in one’s head such as Hello Meadow. Bitch had the audience participating in their music citing lines throughout the night with her. Bitch sang the hits, “Ibuprofen” and “You’re the Man. “ The set was dedicated to Mother Earth, Anita Hill, and Christine Bleasy Ford. For anyone who has had a broken heart we also got a shout out. Bitch ended the show with the words we can all live by: “Stay United. And stay proud.”