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Iconic GRAMMY-nominated artist Kathy Sledge

 — the Voice behind We Are Family -NEW TALK SHOW SERIES, #FAMILY ROOM

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 08/26/2020 – the voice behind, We Are Family and Club Quarantine theme song, Thinking of You — teams up with fashion forward daughter Kristen Gabrielle for surprise and spontaneity in their new interactive series Family Room on Instagram Live on Wednesdays 8:00 pm EST and Saturday 12:30 pm EST. 

You are a Renaissance woman. Share monumental moments in your career.

Definitely having my song We Are Family registered in the Library Of Congress. Being invited to Perform We Are Family for the Pope. 

What is it about the entertainment business that moves you? 

The Passion of creativity. The Challenge of Making it Happen. And most importantly the Joy it brings to me and others.

As a Grammy-nominated music icon. What is your advice for young people who want to get into the business? 

I know the Business. Follow Your Passion. Do YOU. It’s visceral! Follow your gut. My Mantra..”Gut means GOD”.. and Oh, did I say “ Know the Business “!

Tell us about “We Are Family.”

We Are Family is a portrait of my sisters and I. It was literally written about us through a description of our closeness. It will always be special. I had no idea it would become the anthem that it has become. And I am most proud of that!

You have a new talk show, “#Family Room.” What led you to launch your show? Tell us about it. 

Family room is a talk show with my daughter, Kristen Gabrielle and I. We have such a strong mother daughter closeness/relationship. We were beginning to pitch the talk show right before the pandemic hit. It was Kristen‘s idea to just start filming within our four walls. And the traction and reaction has been absolutely overwhelming. amazing! We meet up in Our virtual “familyroom”. So many people have joined us ..Including Some really cool surprise Celebrity Guest. ..it’s become quite a community that celebrates love. Much needed for what we are all braving through right now. There is so much “love” in the familyroom! We started on the Instagram platform and now we are launching on Facebook as well as YouTube. We have now resumed meetings with some major networks. Very exciting. Stay tuned!

What would people be surprised about your show? 

The #Familyroom is full of surprises from Random Guest Artist to interactive games and relevant conversations. Another thing, it’s Global. We appear live every Saturday at 12:45 PM Eastern standard time. Which means it is 9:45 AM Pacific standard time. I usually have a freshly brewed cup of coffee because all the folks who are just waking up in LA can join me. And Kristen always has a chilled wine for all of the east Coasters. What’s really cool is when all the cocktail emoji’s come up from Europe because it’s happy hour there 5:45 PM. Lots of folks come in from South Africa and Australia as well. It’s amazing. We’re all there.. in this virtual family room, lifting each other up and celebrating love. Truest feeling ever of We Are Family. 

Share your dreams for 2020. 

Most importantly. A cure for the Pandemic. I believe we are all going to come out quite differently from how we came into this”. Better! I would like to continue my passion for producing live shows whether it’s live concerts or television productions like Familyroom. I also have been collaborating with some very strong producers as a songwriter as well as Recording Artist. I’m loving the idea of singing “what I want to sing”. Music that I love. From Dance music to Jazz.

I strongly believe we pretty much know our passion. Sometimes I believe it takes a lifetime to know “our purpose”…I am at a place in my life where I am beginning to know my purpose and loving the process.