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Story of the Year

By Kevin Dranoff


New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 12/9/21Nems is a rapper from Coney Island, New York.  His story has just begun even though it has been going on for many years.  Nems has become the pocket aces of the east coast rap game.  He has confirmed to the world via social media that he is in fact the MAYOR of CONEY ISLAND.  Who would have thought this is what would bring America together?  It’s literally like out of a MARVEL UNIVERSE where NEMS comes from.  His life or how he says it, LYFE, is on the line.  He put his whole life into the rap game.  He went so hard that he had become homeless at one point in life chasing dreams of being a rapper.

Finally conquering his addictions he emerges with his brand FYL, FUCK YOUR LYFE.  New York has many heavy hitters and recently it was rapper Fat Joe who crowned NEMS as the new KING of NEW YORK.  Nems is a battle rapper who is now emerging into a more commercial position in hip-hop after giving the New York Knicks their new anthem “BING BONG”.  He is the originator of the saying and taking it to viral levels.  There is no questioning that because as of today Will Smith has sampled him in a reel on instagram tagging National Geographic as he travels down 3000 feet underwater in the Bahamas.


Even my crush from MTV’s Double Shot At Love Marissa Lucchese is making tik-toks and instagram reels using NEMS from @sidetalknyc #BINGBONG.  Nems tops my list for 2022 rappers that are going to be breaking through making him a household name.  He has already bought his mother a house.  This has all happened very quickly and I’m not expecting the hype to slow down.  The fact that he is sober and has tackled his demons is clear.

Nems has shows all over the country and pulls up in his pick up truck where he has merchandise ready to go from his own store  He has done it all by himself.  He is already rubbing off his good fortune on the less fortunate who are helping him make his social media go viral.  Rapper Bhad Babie from Dr. Phil “catch me outside how bout dat” fame has donated $2,000 towards a Go Fund Me page that says, “Tj is a homeless man trying to get his life together and off the streets. This will help him get inside and warm place to sleep at night and food to eat. He is sober he just needs a little push.”  Today that go fund me is upwards of 30 thousand dollars.

It is really hard to hate on NEMS when he is making so many people laugh everyday with his social media accounts.  I am a fan of his music because of my friend K-Rock.  He told me how insanely good at rapping Nems was.  I am posting my favorite songs of his below for you guys to check out!  Follow NEMS on instagram @NEMS_FYL because everything he says is the absolute truth and I believe we will be seeing great things from him in the future!   Hopefully I didn’t disrespect NEMS by writing this article about him.


@willsmith @natgeotv may have given me a nature documentary, but it doesn’t mean I was gonna act right




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