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“Good Kisser”

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Jenna in reset mode

By: Patrick Donovan – Author/Screenwriter


Seattle, WA (The Hollywood Times) 7/22/2019

“A beautiful, sexy and passionate movie about three women trying to figure it all out.”


– Pat Donovan


Jenna, Kate and Mia

Julia Eringer as Mia, Kari Alison Hodge as Jenna, Rachel Paulson as Kate, Courtney McCullough as Yuka, and Carter Rodriquez as Clark

Written, Directed and Produced by


Wendy Jo Carlton

Film Festivals


Seattle International Film Festival



Jenna agrees to a sexy weekend fling with her materialistic girlfriend Kate and the worldly Mia, but as the night unfolds, Jenna notices discomfiting details about them, and the love triangle starts to crack.

About the Director

Wendy Jo Carlton is the writer & director of web series Easy Abby. Her other work includes feature films Hannah Free (director), Jamie & Jessie are Not Together (writer/director), and a dozen short films that have screened internationally, including at The American Film Institute, Sundance & other fests.


Good Kisser

A woman is driving in town going to a home to pick up two ladies, Jenna and her girlfriend Kate. A date with another woman is revealed for them while they stop for wine and a specific flavor of gum.  They arrive.  The date begins. A chance to change your minds. All in or out. Music is playing, the mood is set, wine and nuts are brought to the party. No, not those kinds of nuts. These are ladies.  Moving on.

The Jenna and Mia (who they are visiting) speak about their late mothers, books they’ve read which is helping these two connect on a very cool level.  Kate joins the conversation. Books are the connection between Jenna and Mia.  Secrets are revealed from Mia and Jenna whose nervousness is obvious.

As Jenna goes outside to reset, she sits and meets Clark and Jingles (the dog).  Clark reveals something about Mia that surprises Jenna. Clark is surprised about how she can still remain anonymous the way she does. Anonymous? Why?

Now Mia engages both ladies in conversation about her exploits and about meeting a rocker at a concert which is of great interest to Jenna.  The time comes to engage each other in their sexy weekend fling.  I’ve learned something about ice. As Mia shows Jenna…your wrists, neck, back, slowly, seductively, but beautifully.  Jenna’s nervous about paying attention to both her girlfriend Kate and Mia. But Mia and Jenna are really hitting it off and what I’m liking about this film is the interaction between these women. The playfulness and the newness of it all for Jenna.

Mia is a worldly lady and her Welsh accent really does me in but there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The tequila, the ladies and story time about their childhood… maybe it’s about “Let’s reveal our inner most secrets…”.

Jenna’s turn. When was her first kiss!  The night moves on and I’m blown away by the cool smooth jazz quiet storm type music, no, not that stupid porn music you watch in those flicks, but the music during their dancing and kissing scene is purely sensual, pure beauty and pure passion. This lovely trio is a joy to watch and as a man reviewing this, I’m watching it not with any intent than loving what I’m seeing as art. It’s a masterpiece that you are drawn into and feel by watching. As a writer, dialog takes away from the beauty and passion of a film but with this movie all you see ‘is’ that passion and I appreciate the moving masterful piece of artwork during these intimate moments.

I will not lie however, seeing three women together, well… that’s something men have to continually deal with as we are creatures of visuality.  We, unfortunately, well most men are oblivious to what women really want and this film shows that. Men can learn from this!  The emotional connection between these women is what makes them delve deep into the beauty of their bodies.  The slow touching, stroking their fingers down their backs, legs and arms leading up to the final result but Jenna’s low self-esteem causes her to need to break for a reset.

Clark is the man that Jenna goes to when she takes this break. They meet outside and talk. Clark reveals a secret about Mia that no one, none of the women that go there, know.  Remember, Jenna loves a particular book written by a particular author and this is the connection between Mia and Jenna…but, what is the connection between Kate and Mia? What happens next is nothing short of a takeover and with that begins the unraveling.  But what about that Uber driver, Yuka? Guess you’ll have to watch this beautiful movie and find out.

Movie Type: LGBTQ, Drama


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