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Godfrey J. Rayner Best Supporting Actor in Long Commute 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/06/2020 –  2020 has been a great year for Godfrey J. Rayner, winning Best Supporting Actor in Long Commute and Best Actor at August’s Brightside Film Tavern Festival for the short film, Fresh Air. Born in London UK, Godfrey’s strong British accent led him to embark on an exciting career in voice-overs.

Did you always want to be an Actor? 

I always wanted to be an Actor. So, in my career before becoming an Actor I always surrounded myself with people in the theater or movies. When the chance came I joined the New York Academy of dramatic arts.

Where did you get your training for acting?

I received my training at the NYADA as with the amazing Anthony Robert Grasso.

Godfrey J Rayner

When was your first break?

My first break was a horror movie where I played Lucifer called The Opening.

2020 has been a successful year for you winning Best Supporting Actor in Long Commute and Best Actor at August’s Brightside Film Tavern Festival for the short film, Fresh Air. Tell us about these roles. What led you to each of these projects?

We had a Wednesday class at NYADA and one of the students Montana Rock wrote a screenplay called Fresh Air and he asked me to be in the movie along with some other Actors from the class.

I knew someone with Alzheimer’s, a disease which is not really well understood and the opportunity to express the frustration and sometimes pain they experienced was a task I wanted to share to the best of my ability. The Long Commute was co-written by Anthony Robert Grasso and directed by Miguel Martinez. It was a dream come true. It was a tender story about a famous Actor with dementia who hadn’t seen his son for 10 years. He forgot he had a son. The story is about their reunion. A beautiful lesson that children should always respect and honor and not ignore their parents. Anthony asked me to be in the movie with him. What a thrill!

What challenged you the most as an Actor in the Long Commute? 

What challenged me the most was being on the top of my game, working for the first time with the cream of my profession. I could not let them down or myself for that matter. I was nervous and I had to keep my nerves under control

Tell us about working with Actor and Director, Anthony Robert Grasso. Can you share a special moment on set? 

My special moment [actually there were many] I was lying in bed. I had died and as my son came to see me [I actually fell asleep] and when my son approached me, I let out a loud snore that woke me and had everyone hysterical with laughter.

Godfrey J Rayner

What genres interest you? 

I really enjoy films with a message and the genre of horror and mystery.

What impact did COVID have on you?

I had people close to me who died of COVID, one being my Godson. So the feeling of grief was very present while I was filming.

Share your upcoming projects. 

I have a couple of movies scheduled for 2021 which I can’t discuss right now.

Where do you see yourself in 2021? Who would you like to work with?

I would like to work with and act with anyone that asks. Sorry to be so vague but it is an honor to be asked. Oh! I would love to work with Director Miguel Martinez again and act with Anthony. There was a wonderful Actor called Geraldine Leer in The Long Commute she was a dream to work with, so kind and so giving.

For 2021, I want to keep on studying and learning the craft. I am taking a Shakespeare course now.

Share your advice for people who had a dream of acting, but believe age is a factor. 

What can I say? It does not matter how old you are or tall or fat or thin, there is a role for all types. If you want to act then go and learn all that you can. But most of all enjoy it and have as much fun as you can. I know I am.

Godfrey J. Rayner is represented by manager Diana Prano and Multimedia Talent Management in New York.