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ONLY GOD CAN BLESS AMERICA Masks- Originally Designs by African American Entrepreneur, Dean Lewis 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 07/02/2020 –

You left The Art Institute of Washington D.C. in 2016, was it for a higher calling? 

Unintentionally, after being academically dismissed from the Art Institute of Washington D.C. back in 2016 I was in a very uncomfortable space moving back home. After returning to my hometown I challenged myself to continue to do what I love but with a purpose. That’s when the plug cap was created, plug means purpose. My higher calling was found after I was faced with a life-changing experience.   

I launched my brand FIVE26THREADS on March 7, 2016. My brand is named after my birthday, which is a holiday in my eyes! My brand is very unique because it has an exclusive release each month on the 26 and each color garment has a limited amount produced.  

Faith without works is dead! You can achieve anything you invest your time into. 

I’m hopeful that this garment will bring awareness to the fact God is real, we are made in his image and he is living within us all! This garment will change the narrative throughout any hardship we face as a country. This mask can be purchased at our website https://five26threads.bigcartel.com/  & K’Dari the Complete Salon for a limited time. 

Why is giving back important to you? 

Giving back is so important at any time and your social class doesn’t have to limit you, give back what you can. Just knowing I could help somebody is an indescribable feeling. Never give to receive. One thing this pandemic has taught me is that everyone needs somebody.  

My brand will be releasing an exclusive blue face mask on the 26th of July and 26% of the proceeds will go to black lives affected by police brutality. 

Shortly after the death of George Floyd, I did witness an increase of sales and support. I honestly believe people are starting to realize black business owners who are serious about their purpose and want to support them. For myself, I’m only shopping black -owned businesses for the remainder of 2020!  

I created the message ONLY GOD CAN BLESS AMERICA after our forever President Barack Obama left office. This message weighed on my heart and I wanted it to speak volumes to people but didn’t know the right time to share this. After work experiences, life obstacles, and witnessing mass fatalities I knew when the time was right. I want anyone reading this to know to never give up on your dreams, turn them into goals, then turn that into action. What is meant for you is always yours! Not a professor, not a police officer, not a president but only GOD can bless America!  

Instagram @five26threads


26% of all proceeds go to those affected by COVID-19 



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