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Give your Head a Rest and End Headband Headaches with Bonbunz!

Here is a brand new product which is about to hit the market.
DaphDaph, has designed yet another amazing product –BonBunz Hair Bands!
 They come in an assortment of over 15 cool, creative designs and colors for the busy life. The end to headband headaches – these head bands boast soft cushioned Neoprene material on the outside and textured rubber on the inside that prevent those awful headband headaches and guarantee hours of an extra hold!
You just place them on your hair, adjust the patented bungee cord lock to your comfort and they stay put all day without a need for readjustment!
They are great for outdoor sports, swimming, running, soccer, yoga or relaxing in the sun and everyday activities. Just wrap and pull!
Benefits include: 
– Puts an end to those headband headaches!
– No slip head bands – guarantee hours of sturdy, extra hold!
– Uniquely patented design: easy pull cord adjustment for a perfect fit!
– Sporty, comfortable and fun; perfect for active lifestyles of women and girls!
– Over 15 creative, colorful designs for girls, teens and women.
– Water resistant and machine washable!
– Can be personalized with names, team or company logos!
Price: One $15.95 or enjoy two for $28.95
These cool and colorful headbands are this holiday season perfect gift – the greatest stocking stuffer we can think of!
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