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Giovanna Alexsandra with The Sunless Glow Beauty Bar

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/31/21 –
Giovanna, you are a successful model and entrepreneur. Please share your background.
It all started with John Robert Powers modeling and acting school that my father enrolled me in, and from there I learned how to really project myself through modeling, which helped make me feel empowered. It felt natural to me, and I was soon getting booked for runway and campaigns. While in college studying business management and fashion merchandising, I was also appearing in music videos of many well-known artists.
After graduating from school, I started working in fashion, I was always overseeing, managing projects and was always willing to learn. I enjoyed the process of running a business and understood it well, so as I began to embark on focusing more on my own business – a mobile spray tanning business, I felt comfortable in the role and grew a team and knew what to do and how to do it well.
What does it take to be a successful model today?
I believe to become a successful model you should begin your career with top-notch training. This will help with auditions and getting you ready for clients. They love to know that you are prepared, reliable, and experienced. You should always be yourself everyone has a unique story and telling it with confidence can get you far. One of the biggest lessons I learned was accepting the word NO and not giving up on anything I want to achieve. Instead of feeling rejected, I asked for feedback on what I can improve on.
You were the creator of Rich Tanning Mousse. Tell us about your product.
I’ve been running my own personal spray tanning business over the last 10 ten years (Sunless Glow 2 Go), and had been getting asked by my clients, many of whom are within the fitness industry, as well as a few celebrities, for something they could use if they needed a great tan quickly while they were traveling or short on time. I created Rich Tanning Mousse, alongside a special mitt to apply it, to allow them to get an all-over sun-kissed tan whenever they needed to.
You recently launched the Sunless Glow Beauty Bar. Tell us about your inspiration for your business.
While still in college, I started my Sunless Glow 2 Go mobile spray tanning business and had always had the vision of opening a store location and putting together a great team of passionate, and knowledgeable people to expand more services within my business in the field of beauty.
What will we notice when we walk through the door?
Upon entering you’ll be greeted by our big, bold, and larger-than-life gallery style imagery displaying the services we offer in our back bar. You will also see all of our products that we’ve developed in-house, including Rich Tan, our tanning mitt, exfoliating mitt, and blending brush. Alongside our Glow by Gio bronzing shimmer brush, lashes, and accessories. We also carry an arrangement of organic skin-care products called Eminence which we use in our back bar with our aesthetician. There is also a make-up bar along with some great backgrounds for social media posting.
The Sunless Glow Beauty Bar offers an array of organic products. What are your top sellers?
Our self-tanner (rich tanning mousse), is really popular lately, with many customers wanting something they can take with them when they’re traveling, for a quick, streak-free tan. Also, our Eminence skin-care products such as cleansers, masks, serums, and brightening creams have been selling well. We’ve also seen a few of our clients, who are celebrities, come in for facials and have their brows and lashes done to be ready for their events.
“It’s not just about beautifying yourself… my whole concept is that you always
want to glow from the inside to glow on the outside.” Please explain.
I really feel that beauty goes way beyond just how you look. To glow from the inside means to feel good about yourself. To feel strong, happy, and positive, and that is affected by everything you eat and put inside your body, also your mental well-being, such as your thoughts and feeling motivated towards achieving something. I think it’s important to see yourself in a positive way. You should feel happy when you look in the mirror, and so looking my best helps towards that overall vision.
Can you give a few tips on how to be holiday-ready?
Holidays for me usually involve a lot of family members, so if you’re traveling to a family get-together, or attending any party’s or events, I’d recommend getting A Fire and Ice facial at our beauty bar. This facial brightens, smoothes, and tightens, resulting in photo-ready skin. Also, my “Glow by Gio” Shimmer bronzing brush can add a little glow to your look, as well as the Rich Tanning Mousse, for a rich, healthy, year-round tan.
What is your aspiration for 2022?
The vision for 2022 (and beyond) is to continue to grow the type of services we offer, which is centered around both a great team and continued education and training, as well as focus on a few new products that I’ve been working on for a while. Now that the doors are officially open, we’ll also be looking to hold more special events for beauty influencers and bloggers, as well as the chance to work alongside some charities that have been close to my heart throughout the years.
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Photographer: Julian Nieto Stylist: Jenna Pedroncelli (@style.ishbyjenna) MUA: Jacquii (@thejacquii)