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Gift this Beautiful Booze Bottle this Holiday Season

Kástra Elión, a stunning bottle that’s perfect for gifting this holiday season.

Family-owned and artisan-crafted in Greece, Kástra Elión is a premium sipping vodka distilled from Greek olives. While most vodkas are made with just grains, Kástra Elión is distilled from the finest hand-picked olives found in the Nafpaktos region of Greece, creating a flavor profile with subtle notes of ripe olives refined with peppery undertones and a soft, buttery finish.

Kástra Elión Vodka || SRP: $55.00

The name Kástra Elión comes from the Greek words for castle (kastro) and olives (elión, derivative of eliás). The ancient Nafpaktos castle stands as guardian to the region’s hills and olive groves and is the brand’s ancestral home, protecting the rich heritage of the city below. The olives, or elión, are an enduring symbol of peace and abundance, and are deeply intertwined with Greek culture and iconic mythology. Kástra Elión, a family-owned brand, is the original premium sipping vodka distilled with Greek olives. www.kastraelion.com