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Gianluca Vacchi Gets Lean With Cool Sculpting In Miami

HOT rumors are swirling all over the internet romantically linking the uber jet-set, 49 year-old multimillionaire entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, with former Miss Columbia and current International bombshell Adriadna Gutiérrez, 23. Vacchi, the svelte “silver fox” who DJ’s, and flies around in his private plane living the dream; knows he needs to keep his body tight, toned, and perfect if he’s going to continue to court the world’s most beautiful women. Last week, Vacchi and Gutiérrez were spotted lounging together on Miami Beach with Gianluca looking even more shredded. His secret? Coolscuplting!
While in Miami, Vacci made a quick stop for a Coolsclupting treatment and to see his friends; world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Lenny Hochstein and his wife Lisa Hochstein former cast members on The Real Housewives Miami, and owners of Hochstein Medspa in Miami; a rapidly emerging treatment hotspot for models, celebrities and athletes.
“Gianluca works out and is in amazing shape but as many men over age 40, there’s that stubborn skin that doesn’t go away. Coolsculpting helps to take care of that making it a great treatment option for people who want that lean, ultra defined look,” explains Dr. Hochstein. Gianluca’s visit inspired Hochstein to offer Coolsculpting for 20% off for the rest of the summer.
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Gianluca Vacchi gets CoolSculpting at Hochstein Medspa while in Miami.
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Gianluca Vacchi and Lisa Hochstein current Spa Director, Hochstein MedSpa both defy aging.