Home Movies Ghostbox Cowboy Movie Opens in LA November 30th

Ghostbox Cowboy Movie Opens in LA November 30th

Written & Directed by John Maringouin

Starring David Zellner (director of KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER, DAMSEL)


Also featuring Robert Longstreet, Specialist, Vincent Xie, Carrie Gege Zhang, J.R. Cazet

Opening Theatrically in Los Angeles on 11/30, San Francisco on 12/7 and New York on 12/14


Available everywhere on demand and digital on 12/11

John Maringouin’s brilliant, darkly comedic morality tale examines a wildly ambitious Westerner who tries to get in on China’s tech boom and finds that he may not be up to the task. Texan Jimmy Van Horn (David Zellner) is a cowboy huckster who arrives in the booming city of Shenzhen with a couple of bitcoins and huge ambitions of parlaying them into economic success. Lucky for Jimmy, he’s got a friend holding open the back door to this “accidental Shangri-La” — Bob Grainger (Robert Longstreet) – who’s gotten new teeth, a blonde wig and looks twenty years younger. He promises to do the same for Jimmy in 6 weeks. Maringouin (BIG RIVER MAN) develops a startling visual language in this excitingly fresh, complex perspective on China’s economic growth – and the gold rush mentality it inspires.

“Stylish, comic and shameless, with a gonzo, midnight movie tone”, David D’Arcy – SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

“‘Ghostbox Cowboy’ is fascinating, atmospheric and utterly strange…”, Joe Blessing – THE PLAYLIST