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Fuse Sweat – New Channel Featuring Classic Workout Video Shows



Everyone’s Favorite Fitness Icons on One New Streaming Brand with March 24 Launch

Watch Classic Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda & Billy Blanks from Your Exercise Mat or Couch

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK, MARCH 25, 2021 – Calling all fitness fanatics!  Fuse Media is bringing back the Kings and Queens who ruled and fueled the 1980s at-home fitness craze.  Fuse Sweat, the new, free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel, launched on VIZIO SmartCast® on March 24. The channel will also be available on Fuse.tv and Fuse apps, with additional carriage to be announced in the coming weeks.

From truly nostalgic names like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, to newly nostalgic fit-pros like Billy Blanks and Denise Austin, Fuse Sweat will be the home of workout video shows that kept people ‘glued to the tube’ for generations, whether they moved to the videos or simply grooved to the soundtracks. Stay motivated in your home office with the soundtrack of spandex and high energy leg warmers, and feel free to jump in on the action any time. Ranging from Sweatin’ to the OldiesThe Original Buns of Steel with Greg SmitheyAerobics Oz Style and Gilad’s Bodies in Motion specials to Jack LaLanne’s Back to Basics and even Milton Berle’s Low Impact / High Comedy WorkoutsFuse Sweat will be the home to all of it.

Check it out here: https://ql.mediasilo.com/ql/6053d601e4b051acb4f746a5

Said Simmons, “I am very excited that my ground breaking fitness series of Sweatin to the Oldies still is so relevant and popular and I hope many new fans will discover these timeless classics.”

Fuse Sweat will join Fuse Backstage (“where artists come to play”) as the two newest entertainment brands launching as part of the company’s new streaming division.  More info on Fuse Sweat can be found at @FuseSweat on Instagram.

“Fuse Sweat is a calorie-burning time machine for retro pop culture heads and fitness fans alike. Whether you roll out your exercise mat to join the workouts, or simply want to stay motivated through your work day with high energy music and our iconic fitness personalities, Fuse Sweat brings fun back to fitness,” said Fuse Media Head of Digital Patrick Courtney. “VHS-era nostalgia is big, particularly for our young millennial and GenZ audience, and we predict an increase in leg warmer sales to quickly follow.”

About Fuse Media

Fuse Media is a multiplatform entertainment company that brings stories to life that reflect and celebrate today’s blended America.  It does this by telling stories that empower people to laugh, think, dream, do… and be.  The minority-owned and managed company serves its millennial and Gen Z audience by authentically showcasing talent, activists and creators who break boundaries and fuel hope for a world seeking unity.  Its portfolio of linear and on-demand streaming and television brands includes Fuse, Fuse Backstage, FM (Fuse Music), Fuse Sweat, and Fuse.TV.  It also serves its audience, brands and partners through several growing OTT apps and social media channels, the Fuse Content Studio, branded content and live events.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fusesweat/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8dOsuAcKRI