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Fundraising For The LGBT-Themed Between the Lines 

By Valerie Milano 
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/11/19 – Between the Lines is a mature and inventive Dating Sim Visual Novel with a focus on LGBT topics and a big diverse cast of characters. It is currently possible to make donations via Kickstarter in order to get the full game produced. Please read more at
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/betweenthelines/between-the-lines-2Experience a vast range of stories, with a cast of diverse characters, through the classic dating-sim style we’ve all grown to love.

You can decide which character you want to approach, but you’ll have to find out where and when. You decide what to say and it won’t be your gender that affects the outcome, but those choices.

You play as whoever you like. You can be male, female or non-binary.

No matter your choice there, every character is open for your
approach. Of course, some may be more hesitant to your approach, some may have other preferences at first.You have many locations to visit and hone your skills. Just explore
the city to your pleasure. Don’t worry about missing opportunities, you can’t miss anything that didn’t happen yet. Didn’t meet that cute guy from the title screen yet? No worries, he’ll be just as eager to get to know you, no matter if you approached him first, or 10 others before.

Of course if you keep flirting with all of them, some might start to
notice the game you’re playing. Your decisions will always have an influence on how the game with the characters moves forward.