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Frontier Twosday Pop-up Brings to Life the Speed and Power of Fiber 2 Gig Internet

By: Christina Parisi

Venice, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/23/2022 – For one day only, Frontier, a leading communications provider, held an exclusive pop-up store in the heart of Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney on Tuesday 2.22.22 to celebrate the nationwide launch of their Fiber 2 Gig Wi-Fi internet. The event allowed Angelenos to experience firsthand how 2 Gig wi-fi can supercharge their daily connected lives, offering upload speeds 50x faster than cable.

Guests were invited to step inside the pop-up to experience what Frontier 2 Gig has to offer for complete home internet needs. The speed and quality are apparent from first try, with faster uploads, downloads and less lag than cable. For home work and entertainment, this can be a world of difference, resulting in no longer freezing during video conferencing to being able to binge whatever content you want with less buffering, and who doesn’t want that?

Fiber2 Gig wi-fi keeps things operating smoothly in a fully connected home, allowing its users fast and reliable internet, which is especially important for those who use their home as a workplace, as well as for gamers. Frontier’s Fiber 2 Gig connection has 99.99% reliability, offering a seamless total home/work Wi-Fi experience. And for gamers, this is special. Upload and latency matters, and with symmetrical 2 Gig, there is no need for any hard connection. The difference is noticeable upon first try.

As households become more and more connected, Fiber 2 Gig internet will play a major role in that. John Harrobin, Executive Vice President, Consumer at Frontier Communications, explained, “Upload matters, and with so much connection in our homes, 2 Gig internet gives consumers the edge on the things they want to pursue. Especially with gaming. There is no need for a hard connection. We understand latency factors and gamers know this advantage.”

Harrobin explained the process to change over is simple and easy, with “full transparency, and no hidden fees. The router is also included with the service, as is the 2 Gig Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee, making sure everything in your household is working seamlessly. We also offer free professional installation to make that happen, and we have full tech support available.”

Guests of the Frontier pop-up were invited to try to bike faster than the speed of 2 Gig or smash fruit in a unique VR experience, all of which demonstrated how fast 2 Gig internet is. Gamers were on hand to test the speed, exhibiting no lagging and crystal clear graphics. And prizes were to be won, including SoulCycle at-home bikes, Oculus VRs and Amazon Fire TVs.

For more information on how you can get 2Gig internet, visit Frontier here.