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From Social Butterfly to Saving Women’s Lives: Anouska de Georgiou & The Kintsugi Foundation

Anouska de Georgiou and John Taylor Celebrating-Recovery

The Kintsugi Foundation’s launch party celebrates recovery with board members John Taylor of Duran Duran and composer Jonathan Elias

By John Lavitt

John Taylor and Atlanta Taylor – Father-Daughter DJs at the Kintsugi Event

Photographs by Aaron Nardi and Alison Anders

West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 09/28/2019


On September 28, 2019, as evening fell and Saturday night approached, the Kintsugi Foundation launch party was fully underway. From fancy mocktails and fine hors d’oeuvres to silent auctions and Tarot card readings, Anouska de Georgiou put to work the skills and talents she learned as an international socialite. However, today, the point is not the party itself, but the use of such a party to celebrate recovery.

The Kintsugi Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping women recover from trauma and substance abuse. As the founder of the Kintsugi Foundation, Anouska truly has put her money and time where her heart resides. Focused on giving back and saving lives, Anouska’s a prime example of recovery at work.

At the launch party, Anouska was joined and supported by fellow board members of the Kintsugi Foundation. The dedicated board members of the foundation are musician John Taylor of Duran Duran, music composer Jonathan Elias, artist Sarah Stitt, and recovery advocate Lindsey Glass. Together with Anouska, they celebrate the miracle of recovery. Indeed, the greater recovery community came out in force to learn about the Kintsugi Foundation and lend a helping hand.

The Kintsugi Foundation is today on a sober living house for women in West Hollywood founded by Anouska de Georgiou. The house offers residents extensive programming, including trauma groups, art therapy, music therapy, and guided meditation. The meaning of the word Kintsugi in Japanese is the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer with the understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.


The goal of the Kintsugi Foundation is to help women who feel broken to find their authentic path, recovering from substance use disorder and the underlying trauma behind the addictions. As Dr. Gabor Maté explains, “The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.” If you don’t treat the underlying trauma behind addiction, you are not treating the bleeding heart of the problem

A Nile Rogers Guitar Signed by Nile Rogers and Cher

At the launch party, many well-known sobriety luminaries mingled, including Leonard Buschel of the Reel Recovery Film Festival, actor Ed Begley, Jr., Director Alison Anders, and author Jay Westbrook. A raffle was held to help support the Kintsugi Foundation. The impressive raffle prize was a guitar played by Niles Rogers, then signed by Rogers and the legend herself, Cher. The raffle tickets were sold to help support the foundation’s work. Whoever ended up winning, went home with quite a prize!


In a bit of a family twist, the father-daughter creative team of John Taylor and Atlanta Taylor traded off DJ’ing duties, delivering the funk with big smiles and lots of love. Also, inside the house, Grace McGrade gave Tarot card readings to the excited guests. Doesn’t everyone like learning about their future?

In an inspiring moment, author Amy Dresner spoke in the garden about living in the house for many years and how important it was to her recovery. She told of being embraced and accepted by Anouska in a difficult period of her life. After Anouska gave birth to her daughter, Amy Dresner helped to take care of the infant for the first year. Laughing, Amy shook her head and said, “And I don’t even like kids.”


As the guests were leaving, everyone was surprised to receive a lovely gift basket with t-shirts and a Pam & Gela clutch. Indeed, the gesture proved to be one more example of the grace of Anouska de Georgiou and the spirit of the Kintsugi Foundation. After all, a social butterfly battling to save lives knows how to throw a party and treat her guests with a touch of class and style. In the end, such efforts are memorable, hopefully making the continuing success of the Kintsugi Foundation a priority moving forward.