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Free Thanksgiving Turkey & Fixings on Tuesday, Nov 24 Jamaica, NY by Wendy Goldsmith, Founder of Chidubem, Inc., and Feeding NYC

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/21/2020 – Wendy Goldsmith has a career in the entertainment business that spans over 20 years. Her non-profit, Chidubem, benefits youth who are battling cancer and/or homeless by providing food, clothing, financial donations for medication, medical assistance, and shelter. She has joined forces with the Feeding NYC to bring love and joy to others. On Tuesday, Nov 24 from 6:30-8:30 PM you can pick up a Turkey & fixings feast (while boxes last) at 127-08 Merrick Blvd., Jamaica, NY 646-880-7570 www.chidubem.org www.feedingnyc.org

You’ve had a career in the entertainment business that spans over 20 years, share your background. 

During the summer of 1987, I worked in the Group Sales Department at Radio City Music Hall. While I was in college, I was the co-producer for the talent and fashion shows on campus. In the early 90’s, I was approached to grace the runways in and out of New York City for numerous designers as well as being in the spotlight for Black Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. After I left college, I became the Head Account Executive for 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures. Negotiating advertising rates for over 150 newspapers and publications including The New York Times, The Daily News, and The New York Post. While working for 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures, it was my responsibility to oversee advertising campaigns for countless films including Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, Alien vs. Predator, X-Men: The Last Stand, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Day after Tomorrow, The Devil Wears Prada, Fantastic Four, Big Momma’s House 2, Walk the Line, Fat Albert, Cheaper by the Dozen, and many others. I went back to plus size modeling in January 2013 and was apart of and walked in shows which include: Walking for a Cause Fundraiser in Philadelphia with a debut on WABC- 6, Fashion with a Passion Fundraiser to help underprivileged kids and Evolution of Curves Fashion Show Fundraiser which raised funds for Haiti. In July of 2013, I was among 200 models chosen to walk the runway in Fashion on the Hudson which highlighted over 20 designers and included numerous celebrities and media. In August 2013, after being on the newsstands for two years, Fashion Avenue News Magazine featured its first issue with plus size models and I graced the pages. Fashion Avenue News Magazine is seen in Milan, Paris, Europe, Asia, Australia, Tokyo, Brazil and the United States.

I have been a member of the Allen Luturigical Dance Ministry (ALDM) since 2006 for The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of NY (GACNY). A congregation of over 23,000 people. In 2012 & 2014, I was the chairperson for the fundraiser committee for the bi-yearly Worship Conference which is hosted by ALDM. Over 750 liturgical dancers come from around the world. Guest gospel artist / preachers such as Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Marvin Winans, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and more. In an effort to raise funds for Worship Conference 2014, my fundraising staff and myself shocked many people by having a fashion show fundraiser at The Greater Allen Banquet Hall with celebrity designers. ALDM celebrated its 35th anniversary in Sept. 2013 and I was appointed to handle the outreach program which sponsored a young lady to continue her education in Africa. I am a cast member for a T.V. show called “Why Did I Become A Model” which was released March 2020 on Fox Network in Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina while gracing billboards in Charlotte and Atlanta. The show is also on Amazon Prime with 43 million viewers. I am the Founder / CEO of a non-profit organization called Chidubem, Inc.  www.chidubem.org

Tell us about Chidubem and your partnership with Feeding NYC. Is this your first year?

Established in 2014, Chidubem, Inc is a nonprofit organization that raise funds for kids battling cancer and/or homeless through fundraisers and events.  Chidubem, Inc. has done quite a few events in the community such as: surprising 90 women in a homeless shelter for Mother’s Day, feeding the community with free hot meals, sweater and coat drives for shelters, sponsoring youth in a shelter to attend camp, partnered with Universoul Circus, a sponsor for Feed the Multitude for Thanksgiving. In October 2019, Chidubem, Inc. presented “Walk to Healing Runway Show” with celebrity designers from the east and west coast including DJ Doc Martin from WBLS in order to raise funds for the pediatric division at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In February 2020, Chidubem, Inc. partnered with Macy’s in Valley Stream, NY for their Round Up Event. I am excited to announce that Chidubem, Inc. has partnered with Feeding NYC for the first time this year for a Thanksgiving event. Feeding NYC has been feeding families in shelters in the Tri-state area for over 18 years. www.chidubem.orgwww.feedingnyc.org

Wendy Goldsmith

Why is this Thanksgiving in particular so important to you? 

Thanksgiving represents family coming together and enjoying each other over a home-cooked meal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of families out there that have lost their loved ones to Covid-19 and it has left a void in so many families. I believe this Thanksgiving will draw family members closer to each other unlike any other Thanksgiving before. To know that Chidubem, Inc., alongside Feeding NYC will have a hand in feeding many families truly warms my heart.

What are the Thanksgiving goodies that will be in the box? 

Participants will be receiving a box with a complete Thanksgiving feast with an uncooked Turkey and all the fixins’ (Stuffing, gravy, vegetables, juices, and dessert)

Why is helping others during the pandemic critical? What is your hope for Tuesday, Nov. 24th? 

During this storm that we call Covid-19, so many people have lost their jobs or had to close down their business. So many people are having a hard time paying their bills or even buying groceries. To be in a position to help those in need is necessary in order to help relieve stress even if it is for one day. My hope for Tuesday, November 24th is that we are able to reach as many families as we can and that they know there are definitely two companies that want to help during their time of need.


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Website: www.chidubem.org

Chidubem, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)3 organized to benefit youth who are battling cancer and/or homeless by providing food, clothing, financial donations for medication, medical assistance, and shelter. The corporation will raise the funds that are being used for these purposes through various fund raisers and events. The corporation will work with and build a solid relationship with private and governmental agencies that have the same or similar objectives.  The corporation’s goals and objectives is to improve and advance the quality of life for these youth, to touch hearts and help change lives one step at a time. www.chidubem.org