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Flying Saucer Homes & Tour Michael Phelps Home

Michael Phelps covers August’s important, interesting and unusual real estate news:

“The Flying Saucer Home”
In the late 1960s and early 70s, about 100 UFO homes designed by a Finnish architect were manufactured. About 60 still survive. They occasionally come up for sale priced from about $25,000.


“Tour Michael Phelps Home”
Michael Phelps has quite the home in Arizona, over 6,000 square feet, great pool and mountain views.

“Prince’s Paisley Park Home Opening To Public”
If all goes as planned, the Minneapolis home where Prince lived and died will be open to the public for daily tours.  The proposed estate tours will be managed by the same people who run Elvis’s Graceland and cost $38.50 for the 70-minute tour.


“Good News For New Home Sales”
U.S. new home sales rose in July to their highest level since 2007, reaching an adjusted yearly rate of 654,000 units.

“America’s Most Expensive Home”
America’s most expensive home at $195 million was built in the 1940s for the Lambert pharmaceutical family (“Listerine kills germs that cause bad breath”) on a barrier island in Manalapan, Florida.

“$1 Billion French Mansion”
A home on the French Riviera has come on the market asking €1 billion, about $1.1 billion USD. The 10-bedroom home is on 35 acres and employs 15 full-time gardeners.

“$90 Million For White House”
According to several experts, the White House would fetch about $90 million on today’s market but near $250 million if the artworks and historic items were included in the sale.


“Condo Crash Towns Flying High”
Some of the U.S. cities that fell the hardest in the 2008 – 2012 real estate crash are now making the largest gains in home values. Las Vegas, Phoenix and Florida condos are registering large price gains.

“Two Wal-Mart Ranches For Sale”
The daughter of Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton, has been trying to sell her two Texas ranches for almost a year without success. Alice Walton has reduced her asking price by $10 million.


“A Weekend at Bernie’s Lake Home”
Bernie Sanders just purchased a vacation home on Vermont’s Lake Champlain for $575,000.

“The Leaning Tower of San Francisco”
Millenium Tower is San Francisco’s premier residential building. Units sell in the multi-millions, home to celebrities such as Joe Montana. Since its completion in 2008, the building has sunk 16 inches and is leaning two inches.


“Trump Mansion Going To Wrecking Ball”
The 61,744-square foot Palm Beach mansion that Donald Trump sold for a record-setting $95 million is going to be demolished.

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