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First In A Powerful Series, Story Tells How Christianity Survived Some Of The Most Perilous Times In Its History

Dallas, TX, August 9, 2017 ― Life is raw and cruel for early Christians in 294 AD. A relentless Roman Empire devoted to torturing and killing believers leaves a young woman named Miriam, newly orphaned after the brutal murder of her martyred parents, enslaved to Quintus, a Roman officer. As she grows into womanhood in his household, she endures the shame of bearing his child, a heartache that becomes unbearable when the baby, Philip, is born blind. In a fit of rage, the ruthless Quintus drives mother and child apart, casting them on perilous separate paths.

In this portrait of the enduring supernatural power of love and faith in perilous times, the mysterious wolf Lupa appears, leading Miriam to her new destiny, while her child, young Philip is taken in by nomadic traders. Their dramatic journey through the treacherous devotions of early Christendom illuminates the risks and rewards of faith in the years before the Emperor Constantine found a powerful ally in Yesua and changed the course of history. Until then, all the things modern Christians take for granted – institutions, buildings, meeting spaces and even the gathered texts that make up the New Testament – none of this existed for hundreds of years following the death and resurrection of Christ.

Dallas businessman C. Douglas Gordon has translated his organizational and management skills to the task of bringing detail-oriented research to his novels. Inspired by his older brother’s deep faith, Doug honors his memory by exploring the roots of Christianity from its earliest appearances in history and through its years of torment and challenge.

Doug’s series, You Left in Me the Faith, seeks to shed light on the formative period that gave birth to the Church as we know it today. Years of effort have produced an exciting first novel, Blood in the Desert. Doug creates fictional characters whose lives interact with and are impacted by real historical events and figures of the day. Readers can’t help but be amazed that Christianity survived at all. The second novel in the series, The Twelve Coins, is currently in progress.

Blood in the Desert
Park Cities Publishing
Original release date: July 2017
Amazon.com release date: July 2017
Available at www.Amazon.com.
ISBN-10: 0996853839
ISBN-13: 978-0996853835