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Fashion Week Wraps the World!-

April Lufriu
April Lufriu

by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/17/16 – Fashion Week!  That clarion call has once again sounded for the fall as fashion events keep bursting forth all over the globe.
Longtime company associate April Lufriu, a former Mrs. World pageant winner, brought her equally stunning daughter Savannah to model in a unique blind fashion show held for the second time during Paris Fashion Week.  Created by French entrepreneur Myriam Chalek, the Blind Fashion Show seeks to bring awareness to blindness causes and to empower all women.
Ms. Chalek hopes to redefine standards of beauty with the Blind Fashion Show.  “We’re opening people’s minds, we’re opening people’s hearts,” Chalek has said.
Blindness encompasses a range of conditions causing partial to complete loss of sight.  Along with her daughter, son, and sister, April Lufriu is afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

luxeryRP is a genetically transmitted blinding disease for which there is no known cure.  All of Lufriu’s beauty pageant wins and charity work for the blind have been fueled by a burning passion to raise consciousness about RP and sufficient funds to treat her own family.
Mrs. Lufriu described the Blind Fashion Show as “magical.”  Her Renaissance-style gold and white gown designed by none other than BFS founder Myriam Chalek put her peerless beauty outside of time when she took all of Paris by storm on Wednesday, October 5th.  April truly is one for the ages!
Daughter Savannah did the Lufrius proud when her Blind Fashion Week interview was aired on Chinese television.  A few years ago mother April toured both China and Vietnam when she held the Mrs. World title.
Back at home chez LA Fashion Week, the Art Hearts extravaganza featuring a gallery, fashion, and music began on Saturday, October 1st with many preliminary events.  Art Hearts opened at its posh new location, the Beverly Hilton, on the evening of Monday, October 10th.  “Keep the Promise” was the slogan for the elaborate Art Hearts event sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
Phoebe Price: Art Hearts Fashion Los Angeles Fashion Wee
Phoebe Price: Art Hearts Fashion Los Angeles Fashion Week

The Art Hearts festivities proceeded from Columbus Day to Yom Kippur on Tuesday, October 11th.  They shared space with hundreds if not thousands of Jews attired in yarmulkes and prayer shawls who had come for a large business conference held in one of the other Beverly Hilton ballrooms.

This sense of exploratory inclusiveness was definitely manifested in the four Art Hearts fashion shows this rather harried reporter managed to view on Tuesday night.  Dan Richters, Dahil Republic of Couture, Argyle Grant, and Koco Blaq all put colorful designs onto the chic Hilton runway.
Avant-garde and globally inspired looks were seen in the Dan Richters and Dahil Republic of Couture collections.  Equal opportunity for all came with Argyle Grant’s swimwear-clad male models!
This round of shows was brought to a rousing finale with island-style dancers during the Koko Blaq runway presentation.  The fiery reds and golds of these costumes accessorized with tropical flowers energized the night!
Art Hearts kicked off on Sunday, October 9th at 9 p.m. with a meet and greet mixer at PUMP West Hollywood located at 8948 Santa Monica Boulevard.  It will end on Friday, October 14th with a closing night party at Le Jardin located at 1420 N. Cahuenga Boulevard.
Amato Haute Couture
Amato Haute Couture

Please see the link below for the complete Art Hearts schedule:

At Art Hearts this reporter was glad to see old friend Faith Harrington-Boutin clad in a Chanel shawl for the red carpet and sorry to miss old friend Dustin Quick clad in a Luxury gown for the runway on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 11th and 12th.  But there will always be other Fashion Weeks!