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Famous TV Presenter and CEO of NXT Generation Johny Pach 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/03/2020 Johny Pach is a Famous TV Presenter and the CEO of NXT Generation, one of the leading advertising firms in London and LA. 

You’re a Famous TV Presenter in London and Hollywood. What is Brit life like living in LA? 

As an expat living in LA, it is just one big fat adventure. Living in the UK for many years can become repetitive, slightly unsatisfying and the weather sucks, even though London is where I’m from, it’s my home and where my family are – my heart will always be there but life in LA is amazing and the sunshine has a massive difference on your frame of mind. There is so much to do from heading 30 minutes down to the road to the beach to 45 mins in the other direction to Runyan canyon or Griffith Observatory, there’s a better quality of life. LA has everything to offer, not only from beautiful sunshine and activities but the people are full of life and positivity, LA has some amazing restaurant and bar spots and so much opportunity within the film & TV industry. As a Brit living in LA, you have a more positive mindset which increases your productivity within your work and as soon as you open your mouth with a British accent, heads turn which creates even more connections and therefore opportunities. My only pit would be the US can be slightly regimented, there’s no rule bending and for a cheeky chappy fellow like myself it can be a challenge! Overall I love LA, it’s like a second home. 

If you are looking to relocate from the UK to LA what advice would you give?  

My advice would be to have a solid foundation and a secure income before making the move. Please do your research before moving out so that you know exactly where to rent or buy in a neighborhood that suits, it’s very easy to accidentally move into a rough part of town. Don’t be naïve, a lot of people have the ‘Hollywood dream’ so to speak and don’t plan properly. LA can be expensive, so have a solid foundation with a good employment sponsorship and budget correctly so that you can cope with the expensive nights out, glorious food and inflated tax/tips, us Brits are not used to that. Be completely open to all opportunities, talk to everyone you meet & network like crazy. Stay away from drama – it’s no secret that Hollywood loves some drama! Stay away from gossip – it does nothing for you. Never be the last one to leave the party. But most importantly, enjoy yourself – it’s a big move and an amazing opportunity so grab it with both hands!

Johny Pach

As the CEO of NXT Generation, your advertising agency in the UK. What are some of the trends during COVID-19? 

 Marketing & advertising as a whole has massively picked up since COVID-19. My company has experienced a string of very successful months during isolation. Our main focus is lead generation within the investment sector, “where there is uncertainty there is also huge potential for opportunity” and we are finding that our investors are adopting this mindset, they’re more open to speaking on the phone to our brokers and downloading key information with ease. We created an NXT Generation “COVID-19 marketing action plan guide”, guiding companies to take a step back, take some time to reflect, look at your organization, the content you are distributing, the products and services you offer, and ask yourself are you happy? What changes do you need to make? We are then helping with the marketing side – website creation, social media optimization, content creation, and video production. Digital marketing is changing all the time and we are at the forefront of change. Facebook ad spend is set to rise $691 Billion this year already, during isolation more consumers and investors are using Facebook to purchase products and this is a focal point of our marketing spend. The best way to target your niche audience and to educate them in the right way is through podcast marketing, we manage, edit, create and distribute our companies podcasts covering a variety of different business sectors.

 What is the best way to market yourself with content? 

 It’s all about video content for your business. Grab your phone and film yourself talking about your product and services. Short, snappy 30 – 60 second videos, jam-packed with key product information, a short history lesson of the business with a clear precise call to action of where customers can find you. Testimonial content goes a long way, grab as many positive words of praise about your company from your customers and edit this all together with a strong call to action in a 30-second video, this will give customers reassurance and trust when investing in your company. This video content needs to be posted on your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok) 3 times a day every day, different messaging pertaining to different audience sectors. 

What does it take to be a successful Entrepreneur?  

Dive in head first, take that leap of faith, so many of us procrastinate for years and wished we’d taken that risk years before. Have all of your documents in place before you start generating business from company t & c’s, order forms, invoices, and campaign spreadsheets so when the business starts rolling in your company is streamlined to handle it. Organization is a big factor in making your life much easier, it cuts costs and enables you to focus on the main builder, sales. Get your accounting lined up before you start anything – trying to uncover months of transactions is no fun job and just leaves you open to errors… that’s not a mistake you want! See the lessons in everything that happens and by this, I don’t mean just learn from your mistakes, I mean listen to your clients, your colleagues, your employees because you learn something from everyone. Use each day’s events to improve yourself and improve your business. You have to be open. 

Tell us about The Johny Pach Show.  

I am a young entrepreneur with a lot of experience within the marketing & TV Presenting world. I wanted to create a platform where I can tell my story and interview some of the most incredible entrepreneurial minds of this generation to inspire and motivate my listeners. I have interviewed some incredible people from covid19 specialists, multimillionaires, real estate professionals, philanthropy experts, celebrities, and spiritual leaders. Please check out my new podcast “The Johny Pach Show” available on iTunes, stitcher, and Spotify, I guarantee it will leave you inspired and committed to living a more fruitful and prosperous life, filled with love, ambition, and creativity.

You have a panache as a TV Presenter. Can you give us your best tips for becoming a successful TV Presenter?  

At some point in our lives, we may have the desire to be on TV. This desire often comes during one’s childhood; however, it has the potential to manifest itself at any point in your life. It also can be presented to us in many forms, one of which is a desire to be a television presenter. Here are our top ten tips for being a successful TV presenter.

  1.       Be excited – As a TV presenter, it is really important for you to be excited. This will allow you to grab your audience’s attention, as well as the attention of the celebrity that you’re talking to. 
  2.       Know Your Event – It is really important for you to understand the details of the event that you’re covering. This will show the audience that you’re engaged!
  3.       Prepare Good Questions – It is vital for you to prepare questions for each person so that you can have an interesting discussion. 
  4.       Dive into the Audience – Your audience wants to have a connection with you. It is also likely that they may want to do what you do. It is really important, therefore, to connect with them on a personal level.
  5.       Be Humble – This will allow you to create a good presenter image, one with which the people can resonate. 
  6.       Listen to yourself – Though this can be awkward and cringy, it will allow you to improve your presentation skills. You will be able to better understand your projection, pronunciation, and tonality by listening to yourself. 
  7.       Listen to others – Be sure to take on criticism from people you trust. It will only improve your skills!
  8.       Rehearse – As always, it is really important to practice your skills, so that you’re ready for the big day!
  9.       Be Confident – Confidence is a key part of being a good TV presenter. It will allow you to project, to connect, and to thrive on stage.
  10.   Enjoy yourself – Presenting on TV is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you enjoy every minute of it, you are far more likely to be engaging and to excel in your dream profession!

What are your new projects?  

I will be working on several exciting TV Presenting projects when isolation is finished. This will include the host of the biggest London Fashion Week show “House of Ikons”, In early 2021 I have been chosen to become the TV host of a brand new “Shark Tank” style program “America’s Next Investment” tipped to get aired on FOX Entertainment and filmed in a secret location in Hollywood. I have been offered a TV contract with EDMTV hosting their daily entertainment show and I have also been invited to cover several red carpet film premieres based in London and LA. My company NXT Generation has a series of corporate video productions lined up that I will present for my clients and I will be focusing a lot of my presenter energy on the launch of my new podcast “The Johny Pach Show” with many inspiring interviews lined up. 



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