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Fallen Saints scares up the dead in Burbank, CA

fs-28By Erica Meadows and Rob Steiner

Burbank, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/20/16 – Fallen Saints is a theatrical haunt performed at The Actors Group Theatre on Magnolia Blvd located on the trendy vintage row of Burbank, CA. Waiting outside you are greeted by ‘The Mortician’ who convincingly welcomes you to his mortuary while giving you a chill down your spine at the same time. 


Upon entering the lobby you are greeted by several equally spooky characters who materialize in the dimly lit room and back patio keeping you on edge wondering who is going to pop out at you next. The main mortuary room is hosted by Evelyn ‘Evie’ Skrain who conjures spirits and allows them to cross over, until things go terribly wrong…

The charm of Fallen Saints is that you are part of the show at all times. Artifacts are given to audience members who must present them at the opportune time to facilitate the seances. All the actors are 100% committed to their characters and deliver wonderfully eerie performances per the script as well as being talented improv performers, having to tailor everything to the new audiences in front of them.  


Producer/Director Sebastian Munoz gave us a little insight that all the characters are based on real people in the lives of a notorious serial killer, making you want to read up and head back to watch the show all over again to piece together the story. The good news is that on any given show night, there are 5 performances running approx 45 min each, which leaves you just enough time to take whatever necessary to calm your nerves and head back in for another dose of haunt. There’s even free candy while you wait. 

fs-27Fallen Saints is written by Andy Shultz & produced and directed by Sebastian Munoz. 

Featuring: Wyn Harris,Anatol Felsen, Gloria Galvan, Kristen Maxie, Steven Alloway, Tom Jones, Donna Jean Siegel, Michelle Danyan, Adam Shows, Vincent Miller. Lights & Sound : Vincent Miller. Set, Props and Costumes: Redetha Deason & Melissa Munoz.

Postcard and press photos-Adam Neubauer.


Performances run Oct 7-29.Friday’s and Saturday’s. 5 shows nightly. 7-745-830-915-10p

The Actors Group Theatre 


2813 Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505


fs-26Limit 30 souls per performance 

Not recommended for children under 10

Parental discretion is advised