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Fake Bake’s tanning serum may be for the fair skinned but not faint hearted, and certainly lives up to its Flawless name.

fakeBy: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 07/23/16 – Despite the fact I am currently writing to you from a sunlit balcony on 95 degree Los Angeles day, we all need a little help when it comes to the perfect summer tan. Whether it’s the weather, your schedule or sun damage prevention, so many people today just can’t achieve the ideal sun kissed glow.


fake2Well, enter Fake Bake tanning serum. A company which is leading other brands into the 2017, with more specific and user-friendly serum and applicators. I have been lucky enough to receive the Fake Bake Luxurious golden bronze, FLAWLESS, coconut tanning serum for face & body. As well as the Fake Bake Double shot espresso tan ultimate gel.

fake3“World’s largest independent tanning brand with over 25 years’ experience”, Fake Bake website.


The brand has built a wide spread and flawless reputation across the UK and US markets. It’s a leader not a follower when it comes to tanning trends.

fake4“Fake Bake has become a leader in self-tanning and spray tanning products”, Fake Bake website.

I have had experience using sunless tanning products before but I do have sensitive skin and thus am cautious with new products. However Fake Bake boasts its use of natural and organic ingredients, suitable for all skins types and sensitivities. So naturally I was looking forward to them.

fake5Firstly I used the Golden bronze tanning serum, because it’s the lighter of the two and always try to graduate the use of products as recommended. Opening the “Flawless” packaging I was impressed with the aesthetics of the product pump, and the ergonomically it fits well in the hand.


I put my free applicator gloves on, which are black, like the product packaging- very classic, and quickly read over the instructions. This wasn’t my first rodeo, so I pumped a large pea size of the product onto my covered hands. Then (as usual), I dab across four areas of my legs and went back over section to rub in correctly.

fake6There is no time to waste with this product. In fact, by the time my hands reach the last section of my legs the product had already been absorbed into my skin little. They recommend clean, moisturized but dry skin prior to application. But for me the product stuck a little too much, so applied some more moisturizer and then continued across my body.


fake7There was no denying that the jet black tanning serum was very effective, if not a little daunting to look at, initially. With the help of the freshly moisturized skin, it went on like a dream.

When I was confident with the product, I eventually used it on my face, again which is very sensitive. I missed it with my face moisturizer, because there is no hiding your face if its streaky etc. But again it went on easily.

The Desperate Scousewives left to right: Gill, Debbie, Amanda and Elissa
The Desperate Scousewives left to right: Gill, Debbie, Amanda and Elissa

As the name would suggest, the “coconut” in the serum leaves you with moisturized skin and a delightful scent. Unlike most products there wasn’t much of a compromise. Did it leave an even tan, check, does it moisturize, check, does it smell nice, check. The application needed the help of another moisturizer in my case, but everyone is different. But it was fairly applicable after that, with the help of application gloves.

fake8I waited just 15 minutes to put on clothes and slept with it overnight. I didn’t experience the usual orange stains on my towels or bedsheets which I was thankful for. And when upon waking I was pleasantly surprised, but an even golden glow. I would highly recommend the Fake Bake Luxurious golden bronze, FLAWLESS, coconut tanning serum for face & body ton anyone light- medium/ tan skinned. It was perfect, with a little help from moisturizers. Stay in the loop tomorrow, when I’ll be trying the other product, kindly given to be my the company. Fake Bake Double shot Espresso tan ultimate gel.

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