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Fairy Tale Theatre 18 & Over – The Musical – Scores An Explosive Return to The Pico!

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 02/09/2019 – Fairy Tale Theatre, the musical, returns for a limited 3-week engagement, Feb 22nd – March 10th with a discount code listed below.

Creator and actor – Michael J. Feldman – along with his Fairy Tale Players – makes a fiery return to The Pico Theatre. From LA to Edinburgh Fringe Fest and back to LA again – this time as a musical – Fairy Tale Theatre is an electrifyingly raucous slice of life’s stories with lessons for grown-ups with morals not banged on our heads. Feldman along with director – Annie McVey – a spectacularly talented and diverse cast – has managed to rebirth a show that begs for a residency in a larger house to allow the uninformed to take a seat on the wild ride inside. Don’t miss this bodacious musical!

Clever, funny, X-rated, and wholly original, an extremely talented cast led by Mr. Feldman will have you like Jack in the palm of a Giant’s hand.

What Feldman and McVey, along with musical scorer, Jason Currie have accomplished on a shoestring budget cries out to be produced by someone who can take this show to the highest of tiers. It’s a musical menagerie that utilizes puppets in some of the eclectic narratives – the bawdy humor dares never to miss a beat with excellence in sound, lighting, costumes and stories.

Michael felt he was not a funny comic until he picked up Steve Martin’s book – Born Standing Up – it shook him to his core. Feldman says, “His stories of just going for it and being absolutely insane onstage inspired me. I thought, I’m having a tough time being myself on stage, so screw it, I’ll be a squirrel! So, I came up with this squirrel character who just woke up from hibernating, and I’m STARVING, and I can’t find the acorn that I buried away before the winter. And I’m screaming and whining and asking the audience if they’ve seen this acorn anywhere. And it was going over really well, and I remember thinking, I wish there was a show in which I could utilize this character.


Around the same time, I met this guy who I was very attracted to, and we went out… and nothing happened… and we went out again, and nothing happened. And I thought, okay, fine, he wants to be friends, that sucks, but it is what it is… Then he made reservations for a restaurant I mentioned I loved, and bought me tickets to see a group I mentioned I loved… and I thought, okay, maybe he wants to be more than friends! …and then his SIBLINGS show up on the date! They were in town, so he thought it’d be fun!  And I wished there was SOMETHING that could teach me whether or not this is a date, like a fairy tale for adults… and suddenly I thought about the squirrel character and got VERY excited! That’s it! Use animals and puppets to tell child-like stories with morals and lessons for grown-ups! And Fairy Tale Theatre was born.”

As the press release sagely advises –“by utilizing multiple musical genres, like opera for the gay cat ballet tale, or a Sondheim homage to a penguin on the verge of giving up his lifelong dream of flying. This new Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over: The Musical offers scrupulous guidance, in a not-so-discreet comedy that is sure to pleasure even the fussiest.”

Feldman says, “Overall, I want audiences to leave the theater feeling joyful, raucous, inspired, and determined to take on all of life’s challenges! …or at least a few of life’s challenges.” Michael J. Feldman has a multiple hit on his hands on many levels. Fairy Tale Theatre’s future should fly higher than the penguin’s dream and will… when the right monied producer/s comes along.

Run and don’t walk – GO see this show – you’ll thank yourself and your inner self will congratulate your outer one for showing up. You’ll laugh, ponder, relate and walk away just glad to have been a part of this truly remarkable group of artists. Or thank me! Why not? I thank you – Michael, Annie and company – for a night filled with surprises and fun.


So, go have fun!


Definition of Fun 

What provides amusement or enjoyment specifically: playful often boisterous action or a speech full of fun.


You deserve a night out and if this return gets their needed backers they may be on an endless run… or whiplash back! Your gut will hurt and thank you – and me – as you shriek with laughter! A freebie high and something to buzz about – tell one, tell all!

Directed by Annie McVey the ensemble cast includes Sheila Carrasco, Matt Cook, Jason Currie, Michael J. Feldman, Tina Huang, Jess McKay, Burl Moseley, Jason Rogel, Colleen Smith, Cloie Wyatt Taylor, and Greg Worswick.  Our creative team includes Jason Currie (Music Director/Composer), Alexandra Friedman (Scenic Design), Andrew Schmedake (Lighting Design), Dalmar Montgomery (Sound Design), Stephen Rowan (Costume Design), Meghann Lucas (Choreographer), and Noriko Ogawa (Keyboardist). Kim Hamilton and Bernardo Cubría (Producers).

This review first ran in THT on 09/24/2018.

And now through next Monday, you can use discount code “Fairy5” for $5 off tickets ordered below. February 22nd – March 10, 2019

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The Pico is located at 10508 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064.


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