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“Explorer: The Last Tepui”: The “House of the Gods” Special Screening for Earth Day 2022

By Gordon David Durich

Alex Honnold

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/22/22 – To commemorate this year’s Earth Day today, Disney + is streaming exclusively a not-to be missed movie event. “Explorer: The Last Tepui” is a groundbreaking reality film featuring  famous climber Alex (“Free Solo”) Honnold with legendary biologist Bruce Means and explorer Mark Synott.


In “The Last Tepui,” this intrepid trio trek miles of grueling jungle terrain in order to assist Dr. Means’ complete his life’s mission or work, by searching a treacherous cliff wall for  undiscovered animal species.   And what an adventure! Even more challenging than that of even Mount Everest, some of the most difficult technological challenges face the group making their grueling ascent.  No light work!

Taylor Rees, documentary director and cinematographer, who directed the amazing film, joined forces with Means and Synott a year before its shooting. “I had planned to go back to the region and was hatching a plan.  My partner Renan and I pitched the idea…  We took the story to National Geographic, and it was green lit,”  said the Yale University graduate from New York City.


“Tepui,” the table top mesa or mountains in Guiana (and Brazil and Venezuela) are known as the “Galapagos in the Sky” or “House of the Gods.”

Just the ticket for Earth Day, or any day’s viewing, “Explorer: The Last Tepui” deals with the vital discovering of, and preserving our most precious fauna as among the top concerns of climate and environment.  Science or not, this is a must see for anyone who lives on planet Earth.

I, for one, will be watching.  Won’t you?