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Exotic Animals Go to the E.R. Yes, They Do!

Deerfield Beach, FL - Xenon the Fennec fox is still sedated after receiving her cast from Dr. Lauren Thielen. (National Geographic/Mary Holt)


By: Stewie the Art Expert Cat


Dr. K’s Exotic Animal E.R., Florida (The Hollywood Times) – 3/5/2019 – “If it fits through the door, I’ll treat it,” says Dr. Susan Kelleher, who is known as Dr. K.

National Geographic WILD ‘s seventh season of Dr. K’s Exotic Animal E.R is on Sundays at 9/8 c.

Deerfield Beach, FL – Dr. Susan Kelleher and Dr. Sara Wyckoff remove the string around Ponchito the Sun Conure’s leg. (National Geographic/Victor Willson)

In the premiere episode, which aired Sunday Feb. 24th  9/8c, Dr. K and her skilled staff discover what’s ailing exotic animals like an adorable Fennec Fox and a colorful Macaw.

As you know, I’m Stewie, the Art Expert Cat. As a tough orange cat, I would normally try to fight the glorious creatures who wind up in her E.R. but after getting to know the intelligent Dr. K and seeing all of the art involved in her veterinary practice, like deft scalpel work, x-rays and luscious colors, I decided to write about this exciting show instead. Read on to see what I mean. Photos are all from the Feb. 24th episode.

Beautiful Jack, the macaw

Jack, the Macaw, came in with a wobbly gait. Dr. K and her astute team discover that Jack had broken his femur after analyzing his x-ray.

X-ray of Jack’s broken femur Photo Courtesy Nat Geo WILD

Dr. K and Dr. T perform a risky operation on a 15-year-old macaw who broke his femur after a fall at home.

Close up surgery Photo Courtesy Nat Geo WILD

Even with a broken femur, Jack is still Mr. Personality.

Jack in sink Photo Courtesy Nat Geo WILD

Be sure to tune in each Sunday evening for this interesting and mouth-watering National Geographic WILD show at 9/8c.



Stewie the Art Expert Cat (Photo courtesy of his mom, Cynthia Underwood)