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Evil is as Evil Does

(Photo: Michael Buckner/Shutterstock)

By Valerie Milano

Robert King and Michelle King, Executive Producers
CBS ‘Evil’ TV Show panel, TCA Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles, 01 Aug 2019 (Photo: Michael Buckner/Shutterstock)

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/12/20 – Truth and the supernatural are at odds in the new chilling CBS series Evil. From serial killing to demonic possessions, viewers are being called distinguish between fact and fiction along with cast members including but not limited to Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, and Michael Emerson. Treading on the outskirts of the classic debate between science and fear in the unknown, Evil dares to bring what hides in the shadows to life in this sci-fi thriller. 

For avid Sci-fi enthusiasts, the basis for a show that tackles issues such as heaven, hell, evil and righteousness, have been mastered in pop culture repeatedly. However true, the creators and actors of Evil take on a different approach to the  seemingly over-saturated genre. Executive producer, Robert King explains, “I would say the shows we had seen, we just wanted to be a little grittier about it and just show it’s a little Flannery O’Connor, a little Graham Greene, a little bit more these are not issues that are easy. They’re actually hard. And, also, it just seems like we’re in a moment of time in this country, maybe in the world too, where, if you just saw “Years and Years,” things like that, that people are really struggling with what is our future about? What is the next thing that’s going to hit us? I think we wanted to focus on that. So that maybe is a way it’s different. Just the moment is different, and it’s worth addressing.”

Aasif Mandvi & Katja Herbers (Photo: CBS)

One has to wonder if the actors of horror shows and movies ever ‘take work home with them’ inadvertently. To film and be amongst graphic lore for 12-20 hours during production, consciousness has to be overridden with horrific scenes shot and gory scripts. The Luke Cage star Mike Colter goes in depth to say, “Most of my stuff is daydreaming about the script. And I think what’s great about it, what I love about the material, is it’s a constant debate of some sort that we can explore, and it’s intellectual, and at the same time, there’s a lot of questions that we can’t answer. We’re all trying to figure out what the truth is, and that’s what I think everyone well, not everyone in life wants the truth. Let’s be honest. I do. So this is what appeals to me. So when I look at it as far as nightmares, I don’t have a lot of nightmares, but I hope you guys do, and I hope this stuff scares you, and I hope you guys turn the lights off and put the kids to bed and watch.” We here at The Hollywood Times would DEFINITELY have a nightmare or 3 if filming such a promised horrifying show!

Highlighting horror in very unique and most times harsher forms, please be sure to turn in to CBS for the chilling season of Evil!

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