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Evie Theodorou Actress/Model/Singer/Tik Tok Personality with over 3 Million likes on TikTok

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/06/2020 –  Evie Theodorou Actress/Model/Singer/Tik Tok Personality is making plans to celebrate and make the most out of her Sweet 16 in quarantine. With over 3 million likes on TikTok, a lead role in the upcoming TV series, Nancy Mindy, a Brat Records single featured in the first episode of Brat TV’s “Crazy Fast” (listen HERE), and an upcoming EP, she is on the fast track in Hollywood.


Your given name is Evanthia which means, “beautiful flower” in the Greek language. How has your career blossomed over the past year? 

Over the past year, I have co-written my EP, filmed a web series, did a photo shoot for Jason Mamoas and SoILLs new climbing line, and released a song with BRAT TV that was showcased on their new show called “Crazy Fast”. I’m so excited about what tomorrow will bring!  


With over 3 million likes on TikTok, what techniques do you use to engage fans on social media? 

I am beyond thankful for the followers that I have! I really don’t have a technique, I just create what I feel is fun. I joined TikTok for fun! And I am having fun making these videos.  

Tell us about your role in the upcoming TV series, “Nancy Mindy.” 

The role I play as Nancy Mindy is inspiring. She is a girl who will push as hard as she can to make something of herself no matter the circumstances.  


What will your Sweet 16 in quarantine look like? 

Hopefully Chocolate Mousse cake and Netflix? lol 


Tell us about the single featured in Brat TV’s “Crazy Fast.” What excites you about this project?

I love “Somewhere”. It is about taking the journey to believe in yourself and reach for your dreams. I’m very thankful BRAT released this song on their label and then on their show “Crazy Fast”.


How have you evolved as an Actress, Singer, and Model? 

I feel like I evolve daily. Just as I might feel comfortable, I put myself out there to push myself more and more. You have to be everchanging in this industry. This is what makes it so fun! 

Share your best advice for young people who want to work in the entertainment business. 

Don’t be afraid, just believe in yourself. And have patience! Everything takes time, and it’s ok. The key is that you are living your passion. 

What exciting projects do you have in the works?

Being in quarantine for a few months it has allowed me more time to write more songs and work more on growing my voice. New songs are coming SOON! Thanks so much for having me. This was so much fun. Please follow me on my socials at IG: evie_theodorou and TT: evie_t04 to stay up to date on my latest projects. 

(Photos: Heidi Drexler Photography)