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An Evening with Josh Brolin and OUTER RANGE

“If you’re going to gamble–gamble. Don’t play the penny slots.”–Josh Brolin
by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural
West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/9/22 – Award-winning actor Josh Brolin headed up a red carpet event held at Sunset Boulevard’s Harmony Gold Theater on the evening of Thursday, April 7th, 2022 to promote OUTER RANGE, his new Western-themed limited series. OUTER RANGE will premiere on April 15th via Amazon Prime Video in eight parts: The Void, The Land, The Time, The Loss, The Soil, The Family, The Unknown, and The West.
OUTER RANGE centers on Josh Brolin’s character, a rancher named Royal Abbott who is fighting the greedy Tillersons for his land and family. His daughter Rebecca has recently disappeared. When Royal discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness, a thrilling genre-bending fable unfolds. All is not quiet on the Western front!
Strange events are set into motion with the appearance of a huge mist-filled hole in the ground and an inscrutable young drifter named Autumn played by the beautiful Imogen Poots. Autumn speaks enigmatically about Chronos, the ancient Greek god of time, claiming that he has used his sickle to cut a hole between the two worlds and the known and the unknown. “The world has been waiting for something like this!”
The mythological references serve the story well since the Wild West is one of the most enduring myths in American culture. Over time American settlers have been lured westward from the cities and small towns of the East by promises of opportunity in ranching and farming. The Abbotts, the Tillersons, and the spirit buffalo who keeps turning up in OUTER RANGE represent this tradition.
Brolin and Poots are joined by a top-notch cast that includes Lili Taylor, Tom Pelphrey, Lewis Pullman, Matt Lauria, Noah Reid, and Will Patton. Taylor is one of very few women on the ranch and drew a round of audience applause for her salty portrayal of Royal Abbott’s wife Cecilia during the two-hour screening which followed the red carpet. This reporter senses Emmy nominations aplenty for the ensemble!
Not an inch to pinch! Kathryn slipped her slim 5ft10in frame into a black belly-baring maxi-skirt featuring a thigh-high slit while posing with Josh at The Harmony Gold Theatre in West Hollywood

Speaking of red carpets, the Harmony Gold patio was packed with men in cowboy hats who resembled the male stars of OUTER RANGE so much that it could be tricky to corral the real actors for interviews! All who attended seemed to be enjoying the chance to socialize after the long COVID-19 quarantine. The Harmony Gold handlers skillfully herded hundreds of people throughout the evening with uncommon tact and grace.

Josh Brolin and perennial Hollywood cowboy heartthrob Brad Pitt are two of the many executive producers for OUTER RANGE. Brolin’s countless portrayals of wry tough-guy characters and recent turn in Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-winning film DUNE as weapons master Gurney Halleck should equip him to straddle the divide between the real and the surreal in OUTER RANGE. Please tune in to Amazon Prime on April 15th for the first two action-packed episodes of OUTER RANGE!