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Eva Lanska At Work On I AM NOT AN ACTRESS

by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural
West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/15/20 – Eva Lanska, an award-winning London-based director, and screenwriter, has announced that she will soon unveil the script for her new drama feature I AM NOT AN ACTRESS.  The film was inspired by the public life and animal rights advocacy of French cinematic icon Brigitte Bardot.
London-based director and screenwriter Eva Lanska announced her new drama feature, I Am Not An Actress.

“Over the years, Madame Bardot has been covered frequently in the French and global media for her strong opinions,” says Lanska.  “In some ways, I am writing a script based upon her life so that both her critics and admirers can better understand her and her activism.”

A Coeur Joie Brigitte Bardot 2 (Photo: Movie Stills DB)

Lanska has been shepherding this passion project since 2008.  As an animal rights activist herself, Lanska draws from public aspects of Madame Bardot’s life, whose priority she notes is “always to defend the rights of animals.”

Lanska’s primary narrative aims to raise awareness of two major social problems: harassment and toxic masculinity in the film industry and animal abuse around the world.  She is currently in negotiations with major film production companies in the US and Europe to finance and distribute I AM NOT AN ACTRESS.
Below this reporter is pleased to share Ms. Lanska’s eloquent responses to some online interview questions.
1)  People from outside of a culture sometimes see it with fresher eyes.  What might you add to the already huge body of work about Brigitte Bardot that would be new and different?
Brigitte Bardot is a unique personality.  She has inspired and continues to inspire many artists around the world.  My film is not only about Brigitte Bardot, but also about all of us. 
On the path of any aspiring young actress, there are often many dangers.  These young women may have no idea how much they will have to sacrifice and what the price for success may be. 
This film is primarily about how the harsh world of showbiz often ignores the fact that behind a woman’s beautiful body there is a delicate, fragile soul that is easy to break.  It is dedicated to all women who have suffered from discrimination in the workplace. 
An actress friend of mine who is only 54 years old and has starred in more than 37 films told me that her agent can no longer find roles for her since the producers think that the role of the 50-year-old heroine should be played by a 35-year-old actress.  Is it right to associate this consumer attitude with the female body?

2)  When and why did Brigitte Bardot first start to move you?

It took me more than ten years to implement this idea!  I was fortunate enough to spend several years in Paris in early 2000.  During this time, I wrote songs and started filming my first videos. 

A French music producer suggested that I record an album of Serge Gainsbourg’s works, among which were some songs performed by Brigitte Bardot.  Working on her songs, I noticed that the depth of this magnificent woman’s aspirations stretched far beyond her film career.  That is when I first began to think about making a film about her.

3)  How does this Brigitte Bardot project fit into the larger framework you have already established with your other films?

With each new opportunity that the universe gives you, your moral sphere of responsibility also increases.  It is important for me to work on projects that can help other women to avoid unnecessary mistakes and maintain morale. 
Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman.”  You can say that in many ways this wonderful woman was a pioneer and role model. 
I have been thinking for a long time about making a film about all the women leaders from around the world.  Their invaluable experience could help many women become stronger and believe in themselves.

4)  Where else in the world might future projects take you?

The mission of any person who is engaged in art is to draw the attention of society to world problems which the media often ignores.  I would like to place the spotlight upon an important problem that has faded into the background on the pages of the media in 2020 since everything that happens is inextricably linked.
In the summer of 2020, published reports about microplastic found in a human placenta.  Few people connected this monstrous news with the main events and epidemics that shook the world this year.
But how can humanity be on a healthy planet while simultaneously killing nature by its actions?  It is known that more than 260 species of animals either accidentally swallow plastic or get entangled in it.  The bodies of 90 species of seabirds contain plastic.

By saving these animals we help not only them but also ourselves.  We can tell our children about this and teach them to use natural products.

To begin with, all that is required from us is to refuse to buy products packed in plastic.  If there is no demand, there will be no supply.  The government can provide grants to support producers who use eco-packaging.
I suggest holding a flash mob on social media.  Every time you buy a product in natural packaging, make a post with the hashtag #ichoosenaturalpackaging
The sustainable lifestyle must become fashionable.  Each small act in defense of the environment taken together can give an impressive result!
About Eva Lanska:

Born in Russia, Eva Lanska moved to France to live and work in 2001.  In addition to making films, she has released albums of French songs and published five novels.  For more information, please see  Eva Lanska | Official Website