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Erasist Clothing and Products Helps US have the Conversation! 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 12/26/2020 –  Howard G. Stern founded Erasist in 2019, before George Floyd’s death and all the protests since. He grew up in NYC and is currently living in Baltimore. “I have seen so much racism and racial injustice. I did my own analysis of different forms of racism, intolerance, discrimination, inequality racial injustice, oppression, hate crimes, inequality, insensitivity, exclusion, social injustice and came up with what I call the “Big 7″, which all social issues seem to fall under Hate, Racism, Inequality, Injustice, Violence, Negativity and Oppression.”  Erasist offers t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, and more with the “Big 7” messaging in the hope to unite people with shared values and to help people to have conversations about issues.


Tell us about your background. 

Howard Stern, MD is the Founder and CEO of Erasist. Howard was born in Brooklyn, NY and is a graduate of the City University of New York. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree and completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. After living in Richmond, Virginia for close to thirty years, Howard relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where he lives and serves the residents of Baltimore as a seasoned orthopedic surgeon. He has six children and enjoys music and travel.


Why did you launch Erasist? 

I launched Erasist because I was inspired to take a stand against racism, violence, inequality, and other injustices. I have lived in the north and in the south. I have seen systemic racism and racism on smaller scales. Every instance was abhorred. It was time for me to act on the inspiration.

Your messaging includes the “Big 7.” What are they? 

Since its inception, Erasist has focused on identifying and naming the social injustices of our time. There are many. There should be none! Some social injustices fall under a broader category of others. At this time, Erasist has identified seven major categories of social injustices which are hate, racism, injustice, inequality, violence, negativity, and oppression. There is no importance to the order in which The Big Seven are listed. Discrimination is an injustice that is no less important than The Big Seven and actually includes most, if not all, of the Big Seven. There are many other social injustices that fall under one or more of The Big Seven and are no less important than the Big Seven.


Is Erasist a movement? 

Erasist is focused on expanding its role to include a movement. We are looking for students to establish college chapters of the Erasist social movement. We are looking for contributors to grow the Erasist movement.


What are your top-selling products? Why these products? 

Our top selling products are tee shirts, hoodies, hats, and racerback tanks. I feel that the most common items and apparel that people wear best let people show Erasist messaging.













Erasist consistently ranks in the top three on Google word search. What are some of the trends that you have noticed? 

Erasist is grateful for the continual likes, loves, follows, and messages of support and empathy on social media, in emails, and indirect messages. The stories of people’s experiences with racism are incredible to read and they complete the circle back to why I started Erasist.

Also offered is the Pride Shop with new products being added daily. 

Tell us about the “Great Erasist Blog” which is a growing and enduring source of education and inspiration about civil rights leaders and events.

Erasist is focusing on education about the great leaders and events that fought and are fighting now against hate, racism, injustice, inequality, violence, negativity, and oppression in the USA and globally. The “Great Erasist Blog” is a growing and enduring source of education and inspiration about civil rights leaders and events. Written by our diverse team of content writers, this educational content will continually grow and endure on the Erasist website. These educational articles are also posted on our social media.

How do you see Erasist evolving in 2021? 

In 2021 Erasist will continue to grow. Erasist has been approved as a brand in the Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon also approved Erasist to have its own store on Amazon, which Erasist is currently building out. In 2021, Erasist will continue to add existing products to the Pride shop, where products feature the Erasist Logo in Pride colors. The Great Erasist Blog will continue to post inspiring and enduring educational articles and photos. Our presence on social media will continue to expand. New products will continue to be added. As new opportunities present, Erasist will continue to grow.

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