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Edo Bites A Welcome New Addition To Manhattan Village’s Outdoor Foodie Experience

By Marc Ang

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/31/21 – Outdoor spaces like Third Street Promenade can have a hectic vibe at times, so Manhattan Village sets itself apart from the rest with its laid back, family-friendly feel. On a Sunday afternoon, the breeze came through to cool down the summer sun, for a perfect temperature to sit out, enjoy food, watch dogs and listen to a talented acoustic singer and guitarist duo who played 80’s classics like “Your Love” by the Outfield and many contemporary covers such as from the Jonas Brothers.

Edo Bites’ grand opening on Sunday, August 29th, was the perfect showcase for the food, not only of the delicious tapas establishment, but of the potential for the mall to become the top-of-mind choice for a pleasant weekend afternoon. The foodie area with all the restaurants has a space with non-linear walkways perfect for window shoppers to get lost in shopping, hitting every table vendor. Outdoor dining, in light of the post-COVID area of cleanliness and airflow, was perfectly balanced in the Manhattan Beach establishment through smart design.

In conjunction with the opening, Manhattan Village featured vendors as varied as clothing to CBD products to a small petting zoo with two baby goats, featuring goat milk creams and oils. The first 100 purchases of Edo Bites also received a free blanket. This type of smart marketing created an unforgettable experience for those who attended.

Most importantly, attendees got to sample the delicious tapas dishes from Edoardo Baldi, owner-chef of Edo Bites.  The burger was one of the best burgers I’ve had and the secret was the freshness of the ingredients and balance of sauces. The steak tacos were perfectly cooked medium rare to my liking and topped off with guacamole and raw onion garnish. The Bocconcini was perhaps my favorite, due to the perfect texture of the mozzarella ball and the sweet tomatoes that accompanied it.  The peach cobbler dessert was exceptional and so was the ice cream sandwich which featured one of Chef Baldi’s friend’s recipes, which he modified and made his own. The ice cream was a delicious stracciatella gelato sandwiched between two perfectly balanced and flavorful cinnamon cookies.

After catching up with Chef Baldi and interviewing him (see the full interview here), I was able to see his passion for food, international cuisine and combining and fusing different flavors.  Chef Baldi is a modern day gem of an artist and food is his canvas. A serial entrepreneur, Baldi’s original location is now 16 years strong, surviving COVID, which has closed down many restaurants.

This is Baldi’s 4th location, following the flagship restaurant, e Baldi, in Beverly Hills and Edo Bites counterparts in the Palisades Village and the Grove. The Manhattan Village location is open an extra hour during the Summer Concert series, so make sure you stop by for some delicious and healthy appetizers. There is one guarantee: no matter how much you eat, you won’t feel bloated and sluggish but will instead feel energized and inspired. Quality ingredients and a passionate chef dedicated to excellence make for this premier foodie experience.