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Dynamic Singer Liza Jane Rocks Out at AVALON Hollywood

Marking the release of her new Unbreakable EP at a packed event that celebrates the return of music, Liza Jane wows a star-studded crowd with a heartfelt performance.

By John Lavitt

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 03-24-2022

Proving that the Hollywood elite are ready to dance and rock on now that the pandemic is finally ending, Liza Jane performed at an inspired record release party at the historic nightclub, AVALON Hollywood. From Key West, Florida, Liza Jane told her parents when she was just two years old, “I came here to sing”. In the past, the fiery singer opened for classic rock bands like Three Dog Night, The Doobie Brothers, and Grand Funk Railroad. Now living in Hollywood, she has officially brought her alt-pop hybrid brand of rock opera and new music Nashville to the City of Angels.

In the pre-party celebration where drinks flowed, and hors d’oeuvres floated across the dance floor on the elevated trays of waiters, the excitement for the show was tangible. Indeed, energy pulsated through the different layers of the club as people waited with anticipation for Liza Jane to take the stage. Reality stars, musicians, actors, and models posed for the Getty photographer and the roving video camera on the mini-red carpet that has become de rigueur at these events. However, beyond the struts and postures of the occasional celebrity, the most powerful presence in the room were the fans. Although they loved purchasing the vast array of Liza Jane offerings, they were so much more excited to hear the music that the Singer-Songwriter was ready to deliver.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Times, Liza Jane was asked what it meant to perform again live after the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. She said, with a heartfelt smile, “It means everything to me. Performance is my life, and I haven’t been able to perform live in front of my people for such a long time. Like so many artists, the pandemic stranded me in a cage of isolation. Even if I was able to forge powerful new work for this record, it means so much more to be able to sing all these original songs live in front of an audience, expressing each message from the core of my being. Music has healed everything in my life, and I want to share that creative power tonight.”

Liza Jane Rocks Out at AVALON Hollywood (Photo by Crystal Gans)

When asked who she sees as her precursors and whose footsteps she feels proud to walk in, Liza James responds confidently, “I love Lady Gaga because she is unapologetically herself. She defied the odds, becoming a legendary success, by believing in herself, and I have that same belief in myself. I am also so lucky to have a tremendous family and friends support system and an amazing manager. Lady Gaga never gave in to the doubts that everyone experiences, transcending all the haters by making it to the top. I want to follow that path of courage, and I know my music will be heard and celebrated worldwide.”

Although Liza Jane is a vibrant subject for an interview, nothing compares to the resonant confidence when the singer-songwriter takes the stage. Introduced by her enthusiastic manager Crystal Gans, Liza Jane immediately shows that she is ready to rock. She brings down the house, performing with Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN, Violent Femmes) on drums and Jo Nagle on guitar and backing vocals. With a focus on songs that champion a woman’s strength and her ability to overcome adversity, Liza Jane fills the club with an undeniable vision. Indeed, women are warriors and fighters, survivors and creative forces that need to be respected and celebrated.

Ultimately, Liza Jane expresses a message that is both positive and ferocious. She speaks for a generation blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding now to be given their rightful place in the sun. For Liza Jane, her place in the sun is under a spotlight where this talented singer-songwriter can truly realize her future destiny. At AVALON Hollywood, Liza Jane showed her fans that her future destiny has become a present-day reality of passion and music, expression and soul realized.