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Dua Lipa gets physical with Madonna as she decides to hang it up!

By Kevin Dranoff 

(The Hollywood Times) 3/16/20 – Dua Lipa has been absolutely stunning on instagram physically via professional photography.  So much so that her looks have almost eclipsed her music. She’s not on my playlist but she’s viral on the internet and popular as a celebrity with no real headline grabbing drama from what I can see or hear.


This has changed this week as I’ve discovered her live performance of the hit “Don’t Start Now” and her music video for “Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video”.  I showed my friend the let’s get physical video and he immediately pointed out that this was her doing Madonna. Sure enough I found other articles being written about her channeling the like a virgin singer from her hung up project.  I wonder if Dua Lipa will adopt some children and animals anytime soon? Perhaps she’s going to spend time on magazine covers with some high profile relationships. Maybe she’s gonna need rehab from exhaustion from all of the touring she’s gonna end up doing once we get through this pandemic.


(Dua Lipa – Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video)

(Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Live in LA, 2019)