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Dr. Stefany Jones, CEO of Hustle Mama Magazine, Globally Recognized as The Digital Empire Builder 

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/13/2021 – Dr. Stefany Jones aka The Hustle Mama, is the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman. It is more than a Magazine. It is a Mindset, a Movement, and on a Mission to reach 1 Million Mogul Women Strong.

Dr. Stefany teaches members of her Hustle Mama Tribe how to Heal their Hearts, Hack their lives, Harness their Power and Build their Digital Empires using spiritual principles and biblically based business intelligence. Hustle Mama University offers a resource library, workshops and courses to teach women everything they need to know about starting a business, growing a business and scaling a business. The Hustle Mama Tribe Facebook Group is a community that supports, empowers, inspires, and provides a network of opportunities to promote and collaborate with other women who are working towards their goals. “My hope and dream is to have communities upon communities of women and their families who are given opportunities to improve their circumstances and their lives by finally having access to knowledge and information without hardship,”- Dr. Stefany Jones  Join the Hustle Mama Tribe here: HTTPS://Facebook.com/groups/thehustlemamatribe

You are the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s Powerhouse Women. Share your mission. 

The mission for the magazine is to support and highlight the entrepreneurial efforts of everyday women who HUSTLE. They Help, Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower their families, communities, and the world. We want to be the “go to” portal for entrepreneurial women on a mission from all over the world. We like to feature entrepreneurs (primarily women) who are making their marks and doing great things in their industries, whom may otherwise go unnoticed, under noticed or completely under the radar. We want to be able to give them their flowers, show them that we see them, their hard work, their efforts, and love them for it.


Tell us about Hustle Mama Productions.

Hustle Mama Productions is a production and publishing company that prides itself in delivering “Content with a Conscience”. Our aim is simple; to be a blessing to and for everyone whom may come in contact with our artistic pieces and creative projects. We enjoy sharing the experiences of others, and giving stage to people courageous enough to share their stories with the world; where they’ve been, how they’ve made it through, and what they needed to overcome obstacles in their lives to get to what they’ve achieved thus far.

You are known globally as The Hustle Mama, a Digital Empire Builder. How are you helping entrepreneurs today to live their dreams? 

Dr. Stefany Jones, CEO of
Hustle Mama Magazine

I would hope that I am helping entrepreneurs live their dreams by sharing that the life of your dreams should only be measured by what lies in your heart; and not by any instruments (material or otherwise) taught or programmed into your mind as a defining of your personal success. I truly believe that we all have the power to live the lives we want to have the moment we define happiness and success for ourselves from the inside out instead of the outside in. Using the depths of who we are to the bone, and the breadth of what really matters to us from a soul speak perspective, we are able to find a peace and joy that becomes our personal standard. So many times people equate happiness with the amount of money they have, or the amount of wealth they’ve managed to amass. I believe that when people are made aware that there are options, alternatives, and very satisfying means beyond the status quo, we invite them to find a sense of happiness in the most unrealized places. It is important to me to always be the voice to remind my tribe that they should always dream big; and bigger than that even. My intention is that my platform of #HealHackHarnessBuild helps others to heal their hearts, hack their lives, harness their power and build their own digital empires. My personal discovery was that the life of my dreams began to unfold, the moment I gave my heart permission to heal. I love sharing that concept with others. The heart is the wellspring of life and as we think in our hearts, so we are. As entrepreneurs we are out-of-the-box thinkers, maybe even to the point of fanatics. Either way, it takes faith and an unyielding commitment to know and believe with everything in you that you can, you shall, you should, you deserve to, and you will. I believe that people do not really understand how wonderfully giving the heart is to us, and that dreaming comes from a place of love and desire. Life is just the extra excitement we get to live and be a part of in the process. https://hustlemamamagazine.com/

Tell us what the 3 key factors of Building Digital Wealth? It really is the same as with building any other kind of wealth.

There is a level of discipline, due diligence, and determination that is the precursor to committing yourself to building something great, that you may not have the years left to see in your lifetime – but that you know will change the living conditions for so many. I teach my students that 3 key factors to building digital wealth are (1) a sound knowledge of what it takes (2) a solid infrastructure to put in place and (3) the patience to execute with precision and automation.

What are the challenges entrepreneurs are facing today and how do you help them? 

From what I’ve seen from members of my Hustle Mama community and within my circle of friends, the entrepreneurs whom had brick and mortar businesses, or whose businesses were predicated on “foot traffic” and “in-person” shoppers, are facing hardships of every kind. With the entire economy taking a drastic shift of how it is now transacting business, those who were not online and offering digital assets as part of their platforms are trying to play catchup. For those of us who were already online and particularly in the digital space, it has meant a different level of engagement and profitability. With that, even, the new challenge is the avalanche of players now entering the space and saturating a once extremely fertile environment. I equate it to the historic California Gold Rush. Entrepreneurs are now having to compete against the traditional worker who has been forced into a paradigm shift, and as a result are competing against new leaders who are leveling up in their space.

Tell us about your FB group Hustle Mama Tribe: Women Entrepreneurs Building Digital Wealth. What promotions/perks do you offer? 

My Facebook Group is filled with mostly (not all) women who are self starters, working hard, and are committed to seeing their visions come to pass. I love that about my community. My philosophy goes against the grain, outside of the norm, rivals what is taught, and is hardly ever considered. I don’t really offer promotions and perks, but rather gift away (I’ve learned to stop saying give) 90% and charge for the other 10%. Growing up I was taught to be a tither, which is 10%. However, I have learned from having so much and living with more than enough, that less is really more and I do just as well if not better when I am able to gift and make a difference. As a result I run offers, campaigns, contests, and all types of neat things to reciprocate the love members of my community have so generously shown me. I love to be in the position of being a blessing to another. I love making a difference in another person’s life. I love the feeling I get when I see others regain their sense of hope, strengthen their faith, have a new found strength to succeed, and/or are suddenly empowered. We recently just closed out our April 2021 Spotlight Giveaway Challenge. I was able to gift more than $30,000 in equipment, products, and services to some really deserving entrepreneurs and it was so wonderful. And as nice as that was, I was able to do much more than that in offers into my educational, membership, and mentorship programs.

Tell us about your membership program. 

Well I am really excited about my programs. I love developing and implementing business systems and communities. My latest membership program is really centered around serving the highest good and making the greatest impact I possibly can. I am launching a new Membership mentoring program where for every student who registers and becomes a part, I am gifting scholarships, business and entrepreneurial education, and microloans to women and children in under-developed countries.

You publish content with a conscience. “I want to be the hub of learning for women all over the world.” What is your vision for the next year?

I am so excited to see what lies ahead for us. My hope and dream is to have communities upon communities of women and their families who are given opportunities to improve their circumstances and their lives by finally having access to knowledge and information without hardship. I want to do what no one has ever thought of doing, or thought could be done for nations. I want to make available educational resources to all, that have previously only been made available to a select few. So when you ask me what is my vision for the next year, I would have to say, I just want to remain on course.

You are also helping students in building a brand and network, also inviting them to be a part of my membership directory for Free. Tell us more. 

Everyone who registers for anything that I offer or do is a part of my tribe. When you are a part of my tribe, I feel that it is my inherent responsibility to support your efforts in every way that I am able. I offer free memberships into my business directory for all of my tribe members no matter where they are along their business path. I want to help entrepreneurs brand themselves and build networks. I am able to leverage my magazine traffic, subscribers, partnerships, and audiences to do just that; so I offer my tribe members free profiles in my business directory. I have paid tiers as well, where me and my team help them with business systems, but the free plan is more than enough for the newcomer or the established store. The website is https://TheBusinessMinded.com

What excites you the most about helping entrepreneurs build digital wealth?

The fact that they can actually do it and that building wealth is an option for them, even when they don’t have access and resources as others may. I love the fact that I can teach an entire room how to buy their first piece of digital real estate with less than $20 and make return upon return on their investment. What excites me is their excitement when they realize there’s a whole world out there that they don’t have to be worried about not ever being a part of… a world that they don’t have to ever worry about being excluded from…. a whole entire economy that they can get in on and it’s all their own.

Please share your social media links. 

The FB Group: https://facebook.com/groups/thehustlemamatribe

IG: https://instagram.com/thehustlemama

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehustlemama

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/hustlemamamag

IG: https://instagram.com/hustlemamamagazine