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Dr. J’s Natural & PCABioScience “Presenting the Science of PCA” by Internationally Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lanny Johnson- – Gala Red Carpet Event, ​AnQi Bistro/South Coast Plaza, September 30 2021

Renowned medical researcher and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lanny Johnson and Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen (biographies below) will present the Science of PCA (protocatechuic acid) – made of natural ingredients, PCA holds 18 patents and is backed by credible, evidence-based science. PCA has many potential health and wellness benefits, including anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic (broad spectrum) properties. Dr. Johnson is the licensing doctor with 18 patents on PCA and is working with Orange County-based Dr. J’s Natural, a nutraceutical company dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements, skincare, and beauty products to our community.

Dr. J’s Natural in collaboration with Dr. Johnson has launched the following PCA-based beauty and wellness products including Sprays, Toners, Wipes and Supplements. (products listed below).


PCA Spray Away D.O.A.  helps fight microbes and leaves a residual coating of crystals, killing any future microbes that may land on your hands, your masks and the environment for up to a 24-hour period. This non-allergenic, non-toxic, rinse-free formula allows you to spray and walkway, leaving you and your environment clean and protected. (available in 4 oz / 7 oz / 32 oz)

PCA Face Mist Toner – Orange/Rose/Lavender Scent  is a beautifying, refreshing & antimicrobial facial toner, made with multi-patented PCA. PCA has shown to promote a radiant complexion with skin-boosting properties such as wrinkle reduction, collagen production & scar treatment! PCA also has the ability to fight off bacteria and viruses for up to 24 hours!(Available in 1 oz / 4 oz in Orange, Rose & Lavender Scent)


TOTAL WELLNESS + PCA  is a universal supplement taken twice daily to maintain bone health, overall health & inflammation in the body. Each supplement is made with PCA to provide your body with the vital nutrients you need for bone and skin health at the cellular level and to help fight against bacteria and viruses. Total Wellness + PCA can also provide skin-boosting properties such as collagen production and minimizing wrinkles or scars! (60 capsules per bottle)

PCA Adult Care Wipes  cleanse all parts of the body and are great for a quick refresh! PCA has been researched in the medical literature to provide 5 major health benefits for your body: antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and broad-spectrum antibiotic properties. PCA’s unique, residual crystal coating continues to fight off bacteria and viruses on the body with skin-boosting properties such as collagen synthesis, wound-healing and scar reduction. (160 wipes per canister)

PCA Natural Baby Love Wipes  Made with your baby’s gentle skin in mind, our soothing and patented ingredient formula will gently cleanse, disinfect and renew your baby’s skin without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. Our baby wipes are carefully formulated and designed for an everyday clean from head to toe. Studies have clinically shown to reduce diaper rashes with the use of PCA baby wipes. (160 wipes per canister)

PCA Fresh Face Wipes Our soothing, rinse-free formula is designed to wipe away everyday makeup while cleansing your face of residual dirt, oil and sweat. Infused with PCA, together with essential oils and antioxidants, your face will remain well-nourished and smooth, while absorbing vital nutrients your skin needs to flourish. PCA has also been studied in the medical literature to provide vital, skin-boosting such as collagen production, wrinkle and scar reduction, and wound-healing properties. (160 wipes per canister)


PCA Pamper Your Pet Wipes These heavy-duty cleaning wipes are formulated with PCA, proven in research to contain vital antibacterial and antiviral properties. Perfect for wiping muddy paws, maintaining a clean & shiny coat and even for senior pets that have become too difficult to bathe. Quickly freshen up your pet and take away odor, dirt and dander without irritating their skin or allergies. These are the FIRST and ONLY pet wipes with 18 PCA patents that have been tested and approved by veterinarians around the world. (160 wipes per canister)



Dr. J (Jacqueline Thu Thao) | Founder & Chief Formulator, Dr. J’s Natural

Dr. J graduated from the University of Southern California with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy in 1998. She took two years on sabbatical to learn about herbs and plants from Eastern countries and incorporated the western science teaching in order to combine the best out of both Eastern Ayurveda and Western medicine so that Dr. J’s Natural company can become a credible science-based nutraceutical company.


As a clinical compounding pharmacist for 23 years, Dr. Jacqueline Thu Thao (Dr. J) founded Dr. J’s Natural with the motivation of: “Do Good, Feel Good”. With a passion for health & wellness, Dr. J aims to create products that are simple, effective and affordable for all. In addition to her goal to promote healthy living, Dr. J desires to give back to those in need through her nutraceutical company. At Dr. J’s Natural, she vows to give 10% of every dollar to a number of non-profit organizations worldwide. Some of these non-profit organizations include Kiva, Because of the Heart, the Handicapped of the Orphans Fund for children in Vietnam and American Uniformed Services Association in the US. For the past 12 years. Dr. J is very passionate about her health and her clients’ health so don’t miss out on her seminars or wellness blogs.

Lanny L. Johnson, MD Okemos, MI

Dr. Lanny Johnson’s stated goal was to have a positive impact upon the practice of orthopedic surgery when he graduated from his residency at Barnes Hospital in 1964. He embarked upon a career including Hand Fellowship with Dr. Boyes, military service in the Air Force as a Captain, and then the clinical practice and teaching of orthopedic medicine from 1967 until his recent retirement, but still includes continuing research. His contributions are legendary and he remains an inspiration to us all. Dr. Johnson has proven to be dedicated, hardworking, a teacher, a healer, an innovator and pioneer. He was a pioneer in the development of arthroscopic surgical procedures at the knee, shoulder, elbow, hip and has touched the lives of many orthopedic surgeons as well as athletes, in a positive fashion. He has been a guest lecturer for numerous orthopedic conferences since 1977. In addition, Dr. Johnson has published various book, chapters and papers in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. He holds membership in over 10 professional associations and has served on a number of committees for AOSSM, AAOS, and AANA. Some of Dr. Johnson’s prestigious honors have been the Jack Breslin Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993 and the Community Health Care Service Award in 1990. He has developed a reputation which spans the globe, at the same time raised a family, supported his Christian faith and changed the lives of certainly every orthopedist and quite probably most athletes in the country.


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