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Dr. Grewal, The Melrose Vet talks about dental disease suffered by dogs and cats

Everyone knows dental disease can lead to many health issues in human beings. But did you also know it’s true for dogs and cats too? Plaque or tartar accumulation on the teeth spreads through the bloodstream and it can affect various organs, said Dr. Grewal, a skilled veterinarian who is known as The Melrose Vet.

As pets grow older, dental disease becomes even more of a dangerous issue. This is why it’s very important to be aware of preventative care, Dr. Grewal told The Hollywood Times.

“Teeth bruising daily with pet formulated toothpaste is the best thing to prevent tooth decay. And regular pet wellness checkups are very important.” 

To keep your pets’ teeth healthy, Grewal recommends Greenies treats and supplements for dental care as well as adding oral rinses to their water. 

Sometimes what looks like a spider bite can actually be a dental issue, Dr. Grewal noted.

“That bump on the cheek or under the eye is indicative of a tooth root abscess. The carnassial tooth (the upper premolar) is the most affected. This can happen in both dogs and cats–the tooth’s root becomes infected and pus builds up. And that tooth needs to be pulled out. If this is the issue, this is not a situation that can be ignored, your pet’s mouth  must be looked at immediately.”

Dr. Sehaj Grewal aka The Melrose Vet

He also advises Hollywood Times readers to always keep a close eye on their senior pets.

“Make sure your senior dog or cat are not slowing down with their activities and becoming listless,” Dr. Grewal said. “Another red flag is if they stop eating completely, as all these are connected to various serious health issues.”

In addition, your pets’ nails should be regularly clipped. “This prevents them from growing so long that they puncture the toepad. Also, too long nails and they could cause injury to themselves, from scratching.”

During the pandemic, many consumers adopted a new dog or cat, which has made Dr. Grewal’s business quite busy.

“All I can ask is that you be patient and understand that your vet is a human being and we are in short supply,” acknowledged Dr. Grewal. “Sometimes my staff and I go above and beyond for clients and sadly, there is a lack of appreciation. I want to do whatever it takes to make my clients happy.”

The Melrose Vet staff member and patient

The Melrose Vet offers pet wellness exams, vaccinations, behavior management, parasite prevention, laser therapy, onsite diagnostics, X-rays, and ultrasound.

Next up for Dr. Grewal: expanding his Melrose Avenue office into the next door space and providing additional services such as physical rehab. “I am really excited about expanding our business and serving the community.”