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Down to Earth, Music Tastes Good, Delivers Delicious Two-Day Feast-ival

By: Arisa Olazabal

Photos By: Juan Ramirez Juansolophoto@yahoo.com

Long Beach, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 09/29 & 09/30/2018 –  “Embrace what makes you feel unique, even if it makes people feel uncomfortable.” -Janelle Monáe preached during her headlining Sunday performance.

Music Tastes Good, kicked off festival season with their biggest year yet. From music snobs to moms, this humble and open hearted two day festival brought an eclectic mix of music lovers and foodies alike. Headlining the 12pm-10pm festival at the Downtown Long Beach shoreline was iconic legends New Wave, English Grammy-nominated James Blake, and sexy psychedelic soul and hip hop queen, Janelle Monáe. Featuring fearless artists such as Lizzo with her bad-ass burlesque dancers, Santigold who invited the crowd on stage during her set and Oliver Tree with his wacky bowl cut and dance moves. There was a genre of music and food for everyone.

Long Beach’s mixture of music and taste for fueling the soul was engraved in every aspect of the experience. Better get there early to taste the emerging Chef’s hailing from San Diego to Vancouver’s gourmet food, and self sustaining talks with demo presentations. A wide variety of free goodies handed to you upon entering, non profits preaching their purpose, picnic tables, spacious VIP gardens, vibrant couches, music themed art installations, composting bins, kid play pins, vintage retailers, cbd samples, live painters, and ethnic vegan food trucks, neon colored skies, and an all around laid back vibe. This festival has an upbringing reflected in Long Beach’s free and wild way of living.

While the crowd was sparse till about five each day, it created a soft feathered atmosphere throughout the grounds, with plenty of room to dance your way to the front or let the kids run loose on the lawn, all still with perfect views of the two stages. Take a quick break from the festival to test drive a Nissan and receive $10 gift card. The unpretentious atmosphere left your ears ringing, your mouths watering and hearts vibrating with a good taste, an experience only long beach could produce.

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Video Link (2018 Announcement): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPSI2sxOJzA