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Disney Junior supporting gay mom's

Doc McStuffins

This weekend, the “Disney Junior” division of the Disney Channel, which is geared toward pre-schoolers, is taking a big step toward acceptance: For the first time ever, a Disney Junior show will depict a family with two moms.

We know that depicting LGBTQ families in children’s programming can help kids grow up to be more accepting and inclusive, so we’re absolutely thrilled that Disney is taking this important step with “Doc McStuffins.” At a time when our president is taking to social media to lash out against LGBTQ people, it’s more important than ever to show kids and families that accepting all people for who they are is the right thing to do.

It is so important for us to show Disney — and all the networks out there — that we support and admire their work to teach all kids that LGBTQ people deserve to be accepted for who we are.